Former WCW Star Buff Bagwell Wins Gold At Memphis Wrestling Event

Buff Bagwell's latest venture in the squared circle has resulted in the start of a brand-new title reign. On May 18, Memphis Wrestling aired their latest show, which featured a special matchup for the Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Championships, on YouTube. For this occasion, the reigning tag team titleholders Sir Matthew and Lord Gaston were tasked with defending their gold against Big John Dalton and former WCW star Buff Bagwell.


Matthew and Gaston seized mid-match control by utilizing Bagwell's signature maneuver, the Blockbuster, on Dalton before isolating him to their corner of the ring. Dalton eventually regained momentum for his team by nailing Matthew and Gaston with a double belly-to-back suplex and subsequently tagging in Bagwell. Bagwell wasted little time to take down both opponents with a series of clotheslines, and thunderous crashing of their skulls against one another's. With Bagwell now firmly in control, Dalton was tagged back into the match to seal their win with a big top-rope splash.

With this victory, Dalton and Bagwell were officially crowned as the new Memphis Wrestling Tag Team Champions. For Bagwell, this marked his first taste of tag team gold since 2010, when he and Rikki Nelson reigned as the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Champions. This tag team bout also served as Bagwell's first overall match since October 2022, when Bobby Bishop, Bryson Axl, and CPA defeated him and The Mean Street Hooligainz (Ben Dossman & Gunnar) at WrestlePro Alaska's Back With A Bang. Bagwell, now 54 years old, began his in-ring career in 1990.