Jeff Jarrett On WWE's Shawn Michaels Handing Baton To AEW's Bryan Danielson

When a young Bryan Danielson was thinking of breaking into the business, he wanted to be trained by the best. It's that desire that led him to training under Shawn Michaels at his wrestling academy in Texas. At the time, Michaels was out of action with back issues, which kept him on the shelf for a large portion of WWE's Attitude Era.


What fans may not remember, however, is that Michaels donned a shirt promoting his wrestling academy on the most-watched "WWE Raw" in history on May 10, 1999. AEW star Jeff Jarrett, who has had multiple stints with WWE in various capacities, recently re-watched that episode on his "My World with Jeff Jarrett" podcast, and he shared his thoughts on Michaels' role in "The American Dragon's" journey and legacy. 

"I have always been a huge fan of Bryan ... from his days in Ring of Honor and a little bit of Memphis, and then getting to WWE," Jarrett said. "The matches he's had over these last, we'll call it 24 months — whether he's downshifting and his full-time career is coming to an end, I don't know, that's up [to] him. But I still think it's very, very cool that Shawn proverbial gave the baton to his student. Very, very cool."


Danielson continues to build on his legacy as one of the greatest in-ring performers in the history of the business in what he claims is his last year as a full-time wrestler. He's set to add to that legacy on March 26, when he takes on The Elite as part of an Anarchy in the Arena match at AEW Double or Nothing 2024.

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