The Miz & R-Truth Drop New Nickname For WWE's Braun Strowman, He Approves

R-Truth is not good with names. This is simply a fact of his character which everyone deals with through patience and grace, and sometimes R-Truth's misnomers can have a nice ring to them. Such was the case in a recent backstage interview, following Truth and Miz's WWE World Tag Team Championship defense against Judgment Day, which saw the tandem aided by Braun Strowman.


During an interview with Kayla Braxton, Truth got Strowman confused with WWE Hall of Famer Andre The Giant. Miz, ever the patient tag partner, helps Truth understand the error of his ways, leading to both men coming up with the name "Braundre," much to each other's delight. Miz and Truth aren't the only ones who like the name. Strowman took to social media to say the new name was growing on him.

"BraunDre kinda has a ring to it," the former WWE Universal Champion exclaimed on X (formerly Twitter), with a follow-up praise from The USA Network.

Strowman has been enjoying a new lease on his career after a long hiatus due to spinal stenosis. Strowman underwent a lengthy recovery, needing surgery to repair the issue and plenty of physical therapy. Despite his recovery, Strowman has not wrestled on TV since May of last year but did competed in a dark match against Shinsuke Nakamura earlier this month.


Truth and Miz have been World Tag Team Champions since WrestleMania 40, winning the titles in a multi-team ladder match when they were still the Raw Tag Team Championship. They have since been rebranded to the World Tag Team Champions, even recieving new belts.