Booker T Says This WWE NXT Call-Up 'Checks Off All Those Boxes'

This year's WWE Draft saw "NXT" star Kiana James promoted to the main roster, and Booker T believes she's going to achieve big things. Speaking on the "Hall of Fame" podcast, he explained that while he's sad to see her leave "NXT," he's excited to see what her future holds, noting that she has all of the tools to become a star.


"In this business, they gotta be able to trust you. Trust you to go out and be able to perform, trust you not to get hurt more importantly than anything. I think Kiana James checks off all those boxes."

According to Booker, James is reliable when it comes to the aspects of the businesses that go over outsiders' heads. He says that she does the small things extremely well, which goes a long way. Furthermore, he believes that she'd reached her ceiling in "NXT" and was ready to make the jump to the main roster.

"I'm excited for Kiana James, because I really feel like she's ready for this moment. I feel like she's matured in NXT to the point to where she has been ready for this moment for quite some time... Kiana James is going to be great as a pro, and she's gonna set a lot of records, big time."


James was promoted to the "Raw" brand as part of the WWE Draft. She has yet to make her in-ring debut on the red brand's weekly show, though she has faced main roster talents such as Natalya and Ivy Nile on episodes of "WWE Main Event" since she parted ways with the developmental brand.

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