WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry Talks About Sacrifices, Making Your Own Luck

Mark Henry's journey into pro wrestling wasn't easy, especially due to the harsh hazing the veteran says he was forced to endure. While speaking on "Busted Open Radio," Henry commented on the sacrifices required to make a career in wrestling and how hard he worked to carve out a place in the industry for himself.


"There is no luck. You create luck, luck is created. By chance, by sacrifice, by work, by showing up, positioning yourself, all of those things you do to create that," Henry said. "Own it. Love that. It don't make you a bad person because you work for the spoils."

Henry also recalled something similar he told Cody Rhodes, and how it connected to his childhood aspirations. "That's what I told Cody: don't run from it, there's nothing wrong with being great. As a kid, I never wanted to be –- I never wanted to be rich. I had no idea about money, my mom didn't raise us like that. We didn't have no money. I wanted to be famous."

"The World's Strongest Man" also attributed his success to his faith, but emphasized how this led him to working hard. "I'll be damned if I'm gonna say it was luck. 'It happened by chance. It happened by accident.' Bulls**t." Recalling the early days of his career before wrestling, he recalled never going home during the Holidays due to his many obligations. "I had the American Open in the world universities. I was competing. You gotta make sacrifice, ain't no luck."


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