Toni Storm Out-Wrestles Serena Deeb To Retain AEW Women's Title At Double Or Nothing

"Timeless" Toni Storm is walking out of Las Vegas and AEW's Double or Nothing pay-per-view still AEW Women's World Champion after a hellacious bout against "The Professor" Serena Deeb. Storm was accompanied by Luther and Mariah May, the latter of whom attempted to get involved in the match at one point and throw in the towel for Storm while Deeb had her mentor in a submission hold before Storm could get to the ropes.


Deeb and the champion went back-and-forth for much of the match, with Deeb targeting Storm's left knee, along with other submission attempts like an abdominal stretch and arm bar. Storm attempted her own at one point in the match, locking in a Cloverleaf before Deeb was able to break the hold. Storm reversed a pinfall attempted into a Storm Zero, but her opponent was able to kick out. 

Both women ended up on the apron and Storm looked to hit her finisher again, but Deeb countered and hit three Dragon Screws with Storm's knee tangled in the ropes. She hit a Deebtox on the apron and another in the middle of the ring, but Storm still was able to kick out. Deeb went to the middle rope but the champion intercepted her. After bashing Deeb's head off the ropes, Storm hit a piledriver and followed it up for another Storm Zero for the victory to retain her championship.