Konnan Says AEW Has Continually Buried These Stars

All Elite Wrestling is no stranger to criticism, with underutilization of its vast talent pool a particularly visible flaw. On a recent episode of "K100 w/ Konnan & Disco"  former WCW United States Champion and AAA Head Booker Konnan recently commented on the misuse of many talented stars such as Wardlow. 


"All they [AEW] do is bury him," Konnan said, referring to Wardlow. "Brian Cage is another one; all they do is bury him. They should've done something with LAX (Latin American Xchange) which they didn't."

While discussing an underwhelming push of "The Machine" Brian Cage, the former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion suggested that Cage's professionalism might be keeping him out of the spotlight. 

"He's very unselfish, that's a problem," he said, concerned that Cage makes his opponents look too good at his own expense. Konnan offered some advice for the up-and-coming talent, outright telling the young stars to go into business for themselves, especially with their literal bosses being in-ring competitors who struggled alongside them.


"There's guys like him, and The Young Bucks, and Kenny Omega, and there's a lot of them, that they suffered through the indies, and they know what they went through... and I'm like: Bro, you guys need to be more selfish," Konnan advised. "When it's your turn, it's your turn to shine; it's not the other guy's turn, it's your turn."

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