WWE NXT Results 5/28 - Trick Williams & Je'Von Evans Vs. Gallus, Roxanne Perez Gets A New Challenger

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on May 28 2024, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

As he continues to have issues with Noam Dar and the rest of Meta-Four over the course of the past few weeks, "NXT" Champion Trick Williams will have to momentarily set his sights elsewhere tonight as he joins forces with new ally Je'Von Evans to square off with Gallus' Mark Coffey and Joe Coffey. The latter duo blindsided Williams in the ring last week as he was in the midst of a conversation with Lash Legend, Jakara Jackson, and Oro Mensah while their stablemate Joe Coffey captured his attention, but Evans came to the aid of Williams.


Last week, "NXT" General Manager Ava was overheard on the phone telling a mystery person on the other end that she had finalized an agreement with "SmackDown" and "Raw" General Managers Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce. While the exact details of the agreement remain a mystery, Ava did reveal that it was related to "NXT" Women's Champion Roxanne Perez's next challenger at "NXT" Battleground on June 9. Tonight, it will be revealed who Ava was referring to and who the next Number One Contender for Perez's title will be.

The inaugural Women's North American Champion is set to be crowned in a Six-Woman Ladder Match at Battleground, with Fallon Henley and Jaida Parker qualifying for the match last week, and the aforementioned Legend and Sol Ruca qualifying two weeks ago. Tonight, the final two entrants into the match will be determined as The OC's Michin goes head-to-head with Tatum Paxley and Kelani Jordan collides with Wren Sinclair in a pair of Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifiers.


Chase U's Riley Osborne will be going one-on-one with Ridge Holland as the latter continues to attempt to gain the trust of Osborne and his Chase U stablemates. Not only did Holland and Osborne team up two weeks ago in a losing effort to The OC two weeks ago after a miscommunication between them, but Holland got Chase U kicked out from ringside after attempting to stop the aforementioned Henley from using a chair in her Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier match against Thea Hail last week.

Additionally, rapper Sexyy Red is set to make an appearance on tonight's show.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Ava waits inside the ring standing next to a table with an object covered.

Sexyy Red Unviels The New Women's North American Championship

Ava welcomes fans to "NXT", and says the brand has the best women's division out there. She says that in two weeks, the first ever "NXT" Women's North American Champion will be crowned in a Six-Woman Ladder match. She then introduces Sexyy Red, and she makes her way down to the ring.


Ava thanks Sexyy Red for being at the WWE Performance Center, and says WWE knows how much she's been looking forward to appearing. She says Sexyy Red has an important announcement regarding Battleground, and Sexyy Red announces that she will be the host of Battleground. She then unveils the object on the table, and reveals the new Women's North American Championship.

Tatum Paxley appears from out of nowhere and tries grabbing the Women's North American Championship from Sexyy Red. Michin's music hits, and she runs down to the ring. She beats down PAxley and gets her inside the ring.

Michin vs. Tatum Paxley in a Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and Michin fires off strikes on Paxley. She delivers a chop to her chest in the corner, then whips her into the opposite corner and fires off stomps on her. She then whips Paxley into the corner two more times and looks to land a boot, but Paxley moves out of the way and fires off stomps on Michin in the corner. She sends her crashing into the top turnbuckle face first as Jaida Parker makes her way down to ringside to watch the action. Paxley lands a chop on Michin, then whips her into the corner. Michin trips her and dropkicks her to the outside, then delivers a tope suicida to level her.


Back from the break, Michin lands a back elbow on Paxley. Paxley responds with a forearm, but Michin levels her with a shoulder pounce as we see that Parker has joined the announce desk. Michin lands a kick on Paxley, then levels her with a German suplex and a chop. She then connects with a series of headbutts on her in the corner and lands a cannonball. She goes for a pin, but Paxley kicks out.

Paxley sends Michin crashing into the mat, then connects with a back suplex and goes for a pin. Michin kicks out and the two then eerily stare one another down. Michin rolls up Paxley, but Paxley kicks out. Michin then delivers Eat Defeat for the win.

Winner: Michin

We then head backstage and see Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey ask where Wolfgang is. Oro Mensah, Lash Legend, and Jakara Jackson walk in and question why Gallus attacked Noam Dar a couple weeks ago. Joe and Mark deny doing so and walk off. Mensah then says since Joe and Mark denied being the attacker, it must be Trick Williams.


Back at ringside, Chase U makes their way down. Ridge Holland follows.

Riley Osborne (w/ Chase U) vs. Ridge Holland

The bell rings and the two lock up. Holland sends Osborne crashing into the mat face first, but Osborne responds with a series of strikes. Holland lands a pair of knees on him, then connects with an uppercut and a chop. He hits a snapmare, and the two wear one another down with submission holds. Holland whips Osborne into the corner twice, but Osborne flies off the middle rope and connects with an enzuigiri. He lands a moonsault, and the pair tumble out of the ring.


Back from the break, Osborne delivers a jawbreaker to Holland before he lands a dropkick and ascends to the top. Holland pulls him off, then delivers a splash in the corner and delivers a suplex. He goes for a pin, but Osborne kicks out. Holland dumps Osborne out onto the apron and looks to land a running powerslam. Osborne escapes and superkicks Holland out of the ring, then delivers a dropkick to him out of the corner and looks to follow it up with a tope suicida. Holland sees him coming and catches him with a forearm. Holland looks to use the ring steps, but Thea Hail stops him from doing so.

Holland gets Osborne back in the ring, and Osborne rolls him up. Holland kicks out, and Osborne fires off forearms on Holland. Osborne lands a dropkick on Holland, then lands an uppercut in the corner and lands a chop. Holland then delivers a cradle DDT and pins Osborne for the win.


Winner: Ridge Holland

After the match, Holland offers his hand to Osborne as a sign of respect. Osborne opts not to shake it and rolls out of the ring.

We then head backstage to The OC and Kelly Kincaid, where The OC challenges Nathan Frazer and Axiom to an "NXT" Tag Team Championship match. After Kincaid tells production to go to the other camera when she gets word that something is happening, we see Oro Mensah seemingly attacked by an unknown person as Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, and other officials check on him.

Back at ringside, Edris Enofe, Malik Blade, and Brinley Reece make their way down. The OC follows.

The OC vs. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade (w/ Brinley Reece)

Karl Anderson and Edris Enofe begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. Malik Blade tags in, and double teams on Anderson with Enofe. Blade then pins Anderson, but Anderson kicks out. Blace fires off a right hand on Anderson in the corner, then tags in Enofe. Enofe delivers an elbow off the middle rope, then pins Anderson. Anderson kicks out once again, and Blace tags in. Enofe and Blade deliver a double drop toe hold and a double dropkick, then level an interfering Gallows. Anderson sends Enofe crashing into Reece on the outside, and fficials help Reece to the back as Enofe looks on in shock at what just happened.


Back from the break, Luke Gallows has a chinlock cinched in on Blade. He fires off right hands on Blade in the corner, then tags Anderson back in. Anderson whips Blade into the corner, then whips him into the adjacent corner and sends her crashing into the top turnbuckle face first. He fires off a pair of uppercuts on Blade, then tags in Gallows. Gallows lands a suplex on Blade, then land a headbutt on him. Blade delivers a jawbreaker to Gallows, then looks to tag in Enofe. Enofe doesn't see him try to make the tag as he's involved in a verbal exchange with Anderson on the apron.

Enofe tags in and fires off strikes on both Gallows and Anderson. He lands a pair of dropkicks on Anderson and Gallows in the corner, then delivers a bulldog to Gallows and clocks Anderson on the apron. Gallows chokeslams Enofe into the mat, then tags in Anderson. Anderson knocks Blade in the mat and delivers Magic Killer to him for the win.


Winners: The OC

After the match, Nathan Frazer and Axiom appear. They blindside The OC and land dropkicks on them off the top rope. The pair clothesline Gallows to the outside to join Anderson and grab mics before they accept The OC's challenge to a "NXT" Tag Team Championship match at Battleground.

We then head backstage to a wholesome message from Dante Chen. Chen watches the video with several other Superstars in the locker room, who cheer him on. Lexis King walks in upset that Chen beat him last week, and Chen agrees to face him later tonight to prove that his win wasn't a fluke.

Back from the break, we head backstage and see Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans prepare for their match against Gallus tonight. Sexyy Red enters to wish them good luck in their match and the trio leave together.

Back at ringside, Roxanne Perez makes her way down.

Roxanne Perez Finds Out Who Will Be Challenging Her For the NXT Women's Championship at Battleground

Perez takes a moment for herself, saying that she's the only woman to appreciate the "NXT" Women's Championship. She says the title has jumped from waist to waist as women use it as a stepping stone, and says she's the only woman who has truly appreciated herself for the title. She says all she's ever cared about is her title, and to everyone else, it represents future greatness instead of present greatness. She says fans are in the presence of greatness right now, then addresses her Battleground opponent. She says she deserves to be treated better than she is and says Ava should be respecting her more.


Ava's music hits, and responds to Perez's comments about her. She then declares that Perez will be defending her "NXT" Women's Championship against the following woman. Jordynne Grace's music hits, and she reveals herself as Perez's opponent! With her TNA Knockout's Championship in hand, Grace says some fans might remember her from the Women's Royal Rumble. She introduces herself, and says Perez has built her name in "NXT" the same as she's done in TNA. She says she wants to find out who has built the stronger foundation, and says she's fully prepared to leave Las Vegas as a double champion.

Back from the break, we then head backstage and see Riley Osborne and the rest of Chase U argue over whether or not Ridge Holland can be trusted. Duke Hudson admits that he agrees with Osborne, and the two go off to chat. A frustrated Thea Hail walks off, and Holland checks in with Chase who assures him everything is good.


Back at ringside, Arianna Grace makes her way down to the ring. Lola Vice follows.

Lola Vice vs. Arianna Grace

The bell rings and Grace executes a backslide on Vice. Vice kicks out, and Grace rolls her up again. Vice kicks out again and whips Grace into the corner, then fires off right and left hands on her in the corner. Vice lands a Hip Attack on Grace in the corner, then drags her back into the center. Grace whips Vice into the corner and lands an elbow, then delivers a suplex and looks to land an elbow drop. Vice moves out of the way, and connects with a spinning back elbow for the win.


Winner: Lola Vice

After the match, Vice grabs a mic and sends a message to Shayna Baszler ahead of their "NXT" Underground match. Baszler's music hits and she runs down to the ring, but security guards immediately run down to the ring and hold the two women back.

Back at ringside, Lexis King makes his way down. 

Back from the break, we head backstage and see Oro Mensah being checked on in the medical office as Lash Legend assures Jakara Jackson she'll be able to get the truth from Trick Williams as to whether or not he attacked Mensah.

Back at ringside, Dante Chen makes his way down.

Dante Chen vs. Lexis King

The bell rings and Chen fires off chops on King in the corner. He follows it up with a boot and whips King into the corner, but King levels him with a superkick and rains down right hands on him. Chen fires off strikes on King, then levels him and sends him crashing into the mat with a Brainbuster. He goes for a pin, but Chen counters into a pinfall of his own for the win.


Winner: Dante Chen

After the match, King attacks Chen and drags him onto the apron. He fires off forearms on him, then delivers a clothesline to his spine and exposes the concrete. He then sends Chen crashing into the concrete with The Coronation, and officials run down to check on him.

Back from the break, Wren Sinclair makes her way down to the ring. Kelani Jordan follows as Fallon Henley joins the commentary desk.

Kelani Jordan vs. Wren Sinclair in a Women's North American Championship Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth with submission holds before Sinclair and Jordan end up on the outside and Jordan flies over the top rope. The pair get back inside the ring and take turns pinning one another. Jordan levels Sinclair with a suplex, then lands a split legged moonsault for the win.


Winner: Kelani Jordan

We then head backstage to Ava's office, where Stevie Turner asks Ava what Jordynne Grace has done to deserve a shot at the "NXT" Women's Championship and complains about being overlooked as Mr. Stone stands by. Grace walks in and challenges Turner to a match next week so they can both show the WWE Universe who they are.

Back from the break, Gallus makes their way down. Trick Williams, Je'Von Evans, and Sexyy Red follow.

Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans (w/ Sexyy Red) vs. Gallus

Williams and Mark begin the action. The bell rings and Williams wastes no time going after Mark. He lands a strike, then hits an elbow and follows it up with a shoulder tackle. He then sends Mark crashing into the mat and tags in Evans. Evans and Williams look to double team on Mark, but Joe gets in the ring. Evans takes down Joe with a hurricanrana before Williams and Evans land a double dropkick on Mark and Joe. Williams and Evans take a minute to celebrate with Sexyy Red, but Joe delivers a shoulder pounce to Williams that sends him crashing into the ring steps.


Back from the break, Evans lands a pair of forearms on Mark. Mark levels Evans with a bodyslam and tags in Joe. Joe delivers a pair of elbow drops to Evans, but Evans responds with a back body drop and a Sliced Bread. Williams levels Joe with a kick, then lands a flapjack on him and delivers a double uranage to him and Mark. He pins Mark and Joe, but Mark and Joe kick out.

Joe lands a headbutt on Williams, then tags in Mark. Mark and Joe send Williams crashing into the mat and Mark pins Williams, but Williams kicks out. Evans delivers a cutter to an interfering Joe off the top rope, but Mark levels him. Williams then delivers a jumping cutter to level Mark, and the pair exchange right hands. Williams lands a kick on Mark, but Mark responds with a kick of his own and goes for a pin. Williams kicks out.


Joe grabs the "NXT" Championship and looks to hand it to Mark in the ring, but Sexyy Red grabs the title from him to prevent Mark or Joe from using it. Evans then flies to level Joe, and Williams delivers the Trick Shot Jumping Knee to Mark for the win.

Winners: Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans

Noam Dar and Oro Mensah's Attacker Is Revealed

After the match, Meta-Four's music hits and Lash Legend makes her way down to the ring. Je'Von Evans and Sexyy Red leave the ring, and Legend asks Williams if he was Noam Dar and Oro Mensah's attacker. Before Williams can answer, the lights go out and when they come back on, Ethan Page appears! He rains down right hands on Williams, then grabs the mic and reveals himself as Dar and Mensah's attacker. He delivers a running knee to Williams in the corner, then grabs the "NXT" Championship and holds it up as the show goes off the air.