Larry Zbyszko Recalls Andre The Giant Getting Revenge For Ribbing Him

WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko has opened up about the time Andre the Giant embarrassed him at a Holiday Inn to get revenge for a prank he pulled in the ring. 

Zbyszko and Andre used to work as a tag team together throughout the '80s and celebrated many of their victories with Andre hoisting Zbyszko on top of his shoulder after a match, circling the ring, and waving to the crowd before leaving the arena. While speaking with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," Zbyszko revealed a stunt he pulled on Andre one night when he went to pick him up for their signature post-match celebration. 


"So one show, Andre went to pick me up and do the same thing but when he picked me up I went, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa,' and I fell off deliberately. And as I fell off his arm I could see Andre's face going, 'Oh,' like he thought he dropped me and then when I'm laying there like pretending I was knocked out, Andre bent over saying, 'Oh my god,' but then I opened my eyes and started smiling and then he went, 'You b*****d.' So Andre knew I ribbed him," said Zbyszko.

Andre Gets His Revenge

Larry Zbyszko also recalled heading back to the hotel later that night where Andre and himself joined a few other wrestlers for a game of poker. Andre had planned to get his revenge for the prank Zbyszko pulled earlier in the ring when Zbyszko was heading to the bathroom.


"All I had on was my underwear and I was walking by where the boys were in the room to go to the bathroom, and when I got there, Andre grabbed me, opened the door, and shoved me out in the hallway," recalled Zbyszko. "And I tried to fight it but he grabbed me by the underwear and pulled it off and now he locks the door. And I can hear them all laughing in there and I'm standing there out in the hallway going, 'Oh my god, I'm out in the hallway at the holiday naked, open up you b*****ds.' They were laughing their butts off and no one was gonna go against what Andre did. But that was his revenge for me ribbing him."

Zbyszko continued to explain that after Andre left him naked out in the hallway of the Holiday Inn he never attempted to mess with Andre ever again, but maintained their friendship.


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