Janel Grant Reportedly Represented By Same PR Firm As Major WWE Sponsor

On the same day that the Janel Grant lawsuit was paused by request of federal investigators, a new wrinkle in the case has emerged. Wrestlenomics is reporting that Janel Grant is represented by the public relations firm, The Agency Group (TAG), which also works with PRIME Energy, co-owned by WWE's Logan Paul, the promotion's official drinks sponsor following a "record-setting" deal agreed earlier this year. As part of the deal, PRIME's logo has been featured on WWE's ring canvas during major events. 


Wrestlenomics' report also shed light on another link between the PR firm and Donald Trump's former presidential administration. Carolina Hurley, an agent with the firm who has worked extensively with Janel Grant during her lawsuit against WWE, Vince McMahon, and John Laurinaitis, reportedly worked for Trump as part of the White House Communications Office. Per the report, Grant's attorney Ann Callis confirmed that she and her client were aware of Hurley's work history prior to Grant's representation. 

"Carolina disclosed the Trump connection before we hired TAG," Callis reportedly told Wrestlenomics. "Our team had confidence that her team, comprised of competent and experienced women, led by a woman with a stellar resume was the optimum way to assist Janel in getting her message across while dispelling all of the negative onslaught that we knew was coming her way."


The report goes on to note that a person familiar with her work history had claimed Hurley was never a part of Trump's political campaigns. During a tenure between 2017 to early 2021, she reported to the White House Communications Director, a role held by many individuals throughout that time span. She's also credited for working on many of Ivanka Trump's initiatives, including activities to combat human trafficking, per the report. The report comes the same day Trump became the first former president to be convicted of a felony.