AEW Collision Results 6/1/24: Will Ospreay Defends The International Championship

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s live coverage of AEW "Collision" on June 1, 2024 from the Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs, California!

After getting a preview of Will Ospreay vs. Kyle O'Reilly in the first Casino Gauntlet at Daily's Place, Ospreay is putting his International Championship on the line in a full-fledged match. The Casino Gauntlet returned this week as did a surprise return of Lio Rush. Roderick Strong is trying to get back to his winning ways after losing the International Championship to Ospreay at "Double or Nothing". Claudio Castagnoli was also a participant in this week's Casino Gauntlet. He will face Johnny TV for the first time after Johnny challenged him on "Rampage".


The Workhorsemen (JD Drake and Anthony Henry) are returning to AEW programming for the first time since Henry was re-hired. They'll take on the team of Katsuyori Shibata and Daniel Garcia. The Workhorsemen faced Shibata in tag team action before on ROH (where he was partnered with Alex Coughlin).In more tag team action, Shane Taylor Promotion (Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty) look to pick up a much needed victory. They will face West Coast Wrecking Crew (Royce Isaacs and Jorel Nelson).

After losing to Deonna Purrazzo on the Buy In last Sunday, Thunder Rosa looks to get back on track. She will be facing luchadora Reina Dorada. Cage of Agony also lost on The Buy In and will be in action to try to pick up a victory. We'll also hear from FTR after competing in Anarchy in the Arena.


Roderick Strong vs. Lio Rush

Tony Schiavone is in the ring to welcome FTR to the ring. They're beat up with Dax Harwood in a soft cast. Team AEW limped into Anarchy in the Arena and crawled out. Harwood said moments like that make them think about giving up, but they're not.


Roderick Strong vs. Lio Rush

Strong got Rush into the corner quickly and stomped him to the mat and chopped him as soon as he got out of the corner. Strong continued to punish Rush and yelled into the camera about his title (that he lost 6 days ago). On the outside, Matt Taven put on Rush's jacket and the fans booed.

Rush finally got in some offense. Strong started to throw Rush into the corner, but Rush baseball slid into the corner. He stood up and started fighting back. He hit a tope suicida and followed with another one that sent Strong's back into commentary.

Following the break, Strong was back in control. He threw Rush into the turnbuckle, which caused him to fall out of the ring. While the ref was distracted, Undisputed Kingdom stalked Rush while he was laid out. Back in the ring, Strong kept trying to grab Rush's feet, but he kept rolling out of the way and kicked him. Both exchanged strikes.


Rush nearly pinned Strong, but he kicked out at two. Rush went to the top, but was distracted by Taven. He kicked Strong from the apron and then dove on Undisputed Kingdom. Strong kicked Rush to push him down. Strong put Rush on his shoulders, but Rush reversed into a hurricanrana. Rush bounced off the rope into a cutter and nearly got the win.

Rush pushed Taven off the apron. Strong got his knees up and hit the End of Heartache for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Daniel Garcia & Katsuyori Shibata vs. The Workhorsemen

Shibata and Henry start off with lock ups and each get the other into the ropes. Henry got in a couple of kicks and Shibata with a Pele Kick. Garcia tagged in and kicked Henry. Drake tagged and chopped Garcia between two corners. Garcia and Drake exchanged forearms.


Drake was pushed into the corner and Shibata got a bling tag and ran across the ring after Henry. Henry jumped off the apron and pulled Shibata by the ankles. Drake did a Shining Wizard, but rolled out of the ring after appearing to hurt his knee.

Drake rolled in the ring and Henry tagged in. He kicked Shibata in the shins and back of the legs. Shibata pushed Henry down and Garcia tagged in. Garcia went for Twist and Shout. Garcia had Henry in a waistlock while Henry elbowed him in the head.

After the break, Drake chopped Garcia to his knees and then into the rope. Garcia asked for more and got it. Garcia suplexed Drake. Shibata hit Henry with a pump kick and kicked him in the face. Shibata hit Drake with pump kicks and then a running dropkick to Henry. He covered Henry for two.


Shibata chopped Henry in the corner while Garcia danced. Garcia ran into Henry's corner. Drake tossed Shibata off the ring and followed with a belly to belly. Drake landed a moonsault on Garcia, but Shibata broke up the pin. Shibata put Henry in a rear naked choke and Garcia did the same to Drake. Drake and Henry walked backwards to make them drop their holds. Henry and Garcia exchanged chops. Shibata chopped Henry so hard that he dropped to the mat and rolled out. Garcia kicked Drake backwards into a waiting Shibata, who put Drake in a standing sleeper, but Drake broke free. Garcia hit Drake again. Shibata bounced off the ropes and hit Drake in the chest, which made Drake fall to the mat. Garcia pinned Drake for the victory.

Winner: Shibata and Garcia

Thunder Rosa vs. Reina Dorada

Rosa and Dorada lock up twice. Rosa pulls Dorada's leg out from under her and puts her in a submission hold. The two roll across the ring twice. Rosa keeps control and Dorada get an armdrag. Rose with her own. She dropkicked Dorada in the chest. Rosa put Dorada in a Venus de Milo type move and then chopped her opponent in the chest. Rosa with a snap vertical suplex. Rosa and Dorada exchange chops. Rosa took Dorada down with a forearm. Rosa put Dorada in a backbreaker and a Tijuana bomb. Dorada kicked out, but Rosa immediately put her in a submission hold until she tapped.


Winner: Thunder Rosa

Cage of Agony vs. Danny Rose, Ricky Gee, & KM

Liona shoulder tackled Rose out of the ring and took down Gee. Cage took down KM. Cage suplexed KM over the ropes. Gee went for a crossbody, but was caught. Kaun took out Rose and Gee. Cage of Agony tossed Rose into the air and Kaun pinned him.


Winner: Cage of Agony

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Johnny TV

Johnny TV was accompanied by Taya Valkyrie. Johnny put Castagnoli in a side headlock and Castagnoli did the same. Castagnoli with a backbreaker. Johnny kicked Castagnoli and pinned him for one. Johnny kicked him in the chest and put him in a side headlock. Castagnoli did a backslide and followed with a double stomp. Johnny crawled around the ring to avoid Castagnoli. Castagnoli put him in a delayed vertical suplex. Castagnoli tried to put Johnny in the Big Swing, but Valkyrie pulled Johnny's hands. Castagnoli pulled them both into the middle of the ring. While the ref was distracted, Johnny low blowed Castagnoli with his foot.


Following the break, Castagnoli with a Northern Lights Suplex. Castagnoli uppercut Johnny several times. Castagnoli hit a pump kick and pinned him for two. Johnny countered out of Castagnoli trying to swing him and rolled him up for a pin. Castagnoli kicked out and they exchanged forearms. Castagnoli put Johnny in a fireman's carry, but Johnny escaped. Johnny with a chokehold over the rope and Valkyrie slapped him. Castagnoli got out of the ring and yelled at Valkyrie. Johnny hit a tornillo from inside the ring.

Johnny went up top, but Castagnoli pushed him and uppercut his back. Castagnoli with an avalanche suplex. Castagnoli put Johnny in the sharpshooter. Valkyrie got in the ring and grabbed Johhny's hands. Castagnoli dragged them across the mat. Castagnoli chastised Valkyrie and Johnny try to kick him in the yam bags, but Castagnoli caught his leg. Castagnoli finally got to do the Big Swing. Castagnoli with a lariat and a cover.


Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty vs. West Coast Wrecking Crew

STP is accompanied by Anthony Ogogo while WCWC were already in the ring. Moriarty and Isaacs start off by circling one another. They both do a standing switch and Morairty kicked Isaacs. Isaacs with a shoulder tackle and slam. WCWC double team Moriarty and focus on his knee. Nelson had Moriarty in a side headlock and then worked his arm. Isaacs tagged in and then they double teamed him again. Issacs with a Northern Lights suplex. Ogogo distracted Isaacs which allowed Moriarty to catch him and send him face first into the turnbuckle.


Taylor was finally tagged in. Moriarty tied up Isaacs to allow Taylor to hit him. Taylor backed him into the corner to chop him to the mat. They exchanged right hands, but Taylor headbutted him and sent him to the corner. Isaacs kneed him in the face and rolled to tag Nelson. Nelson hit several blows until Taylor pushed him into the ropes. Nelson came back and hit Taylor again. Nelson shoulder tagged Taylor twice and went for a jumping knee. Taylor with a headbutt and a chokeslam. Taylor splashed him, but Isaacs broke up the pin. Moriarty got in the ring and kicked Isaacs out. They fought on the outside. Taylor ran to the corner, but Nelson stunned him with a back elbow. Nelson went up top, but Taylor punched him out of the air. Taylor with a package piledriver followed by a pin.


After the match, Ogogo put Isaacs back in the ring and hit him with a knockout punch.

Winner: Shane Taylor Promotions

Will Ospreay vs. Kyle O'Reilly

Ospreay and O'Reilly both go to the mat and exchange holds. They do a collar and elbow tie up with O'Reilly going to the mat. Ospreay with a side headlock and a cover. O'Reilly got out and Ospreay bounced off the rope into him. They engage in a test of strength. KOR took Ospreay down twice. Ospreay covered for two. Ospreay with a head scissors takedown. Ospreay with a crossbody on the outside.


After the break, Ospreay chopped KOR in the ropes. KOR kicked Ospreay's wrist and hit him with knees trikes. KOR stepped on his wrist and dropped his knee on it. KOR with a hammerlock and knee drops. KOR grabbed him by the nose, then followed with kicks to the chest. KOR with a half nelson and more knee strikes.

Ospreay chopped KOR and then kicked him. Ospreay with a flying forearm. Ospreay kicked KOR in the midsection on the apron. KOR pulled Ospreay by the arm and dropped him face first on the apron. KOR grabbed Ospreay's leg over the rope. Ospreay hit him with forearms until he let go. O'Reilly went up top and jumped on his chest. KOR pulled Ospreay's arm behind his back, but Ospreay got his feet on the rope.


KOR got him up and hit knee strikes. Ospreay with a sunset flip and KOR put him in an armbar. Ospreay rolled into the ropes. They went to the outside and KOR put him in a hammerlock and shoved him into the barricade. KOR with a running dropkick while Ospreay was seated in a chair.

After the break, KOR worked Ospreay's arm. Ospreay did a Pele Kick and KOR followed with body scissors, but Ospreay turned into a vertical suplex and a Tiger Driver. Ospreay picked up KOR to slam him down. Ospreay went up top, but KOR kicked him in the leg. KOR with a standing armbar and a step up enzuiguri. Ospreay went for a 450, but KOR rolled out of the way. Ospreay went for an OsCutter, but KOR kicked him in the back of the knee. They exchanged kicks and Ospreay went for the OsCutter, KOR caught him and put him in an armbar and turned into a triangle chokehold. Ospreay gets out of the second triangle chokehold.

Ospreay kicked KOR twice and went for Tiger Driver. KOR kicked out and put him in a bridge. KOR suplexed him and kicked him in the chest, but Ospreay rolled through. Ospreay takes him out with a Hidden Blade. KOR caught Ospreay with a knee after he went for another Hidden Blade.

Ospreay and KOR headbutt each other and then exchanged forearms from their knees. They stand and exchange forearms. KOR with a discuss elbow and Ospreay with a stunner. Ospreay ran into KOR and took him down with a running Hidden Blade and covered for two. Ospreay with a Stormbreaker for the win.


Winner: Will Ospreay