Former WWE Valet Spoke With Janel Grant's Lawyer Over Alleged Vince McMahon Incident

The sex trafficking lawsuit filed against Vince McMahon in January has been put on pause pending a federal investigation into the former WWE Chairman. Ms. Grant was the latest in a litany of former employees who have accused McMahon of nurturing or perpetrating sexual misconduct. Now, former WWE and WCW valet Missy Hyatt has recalled her own incident with McMahon in multiple interviews over the weekend. 


"I had to push Vince out of my hotel room because he was trying to stick his tongue in my mouth," she told "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," "He was bringing me back. We were in Vegas shooting, doing the tapings, and we went out... So he taught me how to play blackjack and then went to a dinner at Caesar's... This was a big group of people and I remember I was wearing a leather dress and [Gene Okerlund] just poured coffee in my lap... He said later that they did that to see how I'd react. To see if I'd freak out, but they were like, 'Oh you handled that really well...' But yeah, that night [McMahon] took me to my hotel room and he was trying to get in my hotel room. I was pushing him out."

Missy Hyatt also told the anecdote during an appearance on "Cafe De Rene" as one of the reasons her stint with WWE was so short. She said, "I wouldn't f***k Vince. That was another thing. He was really into me until he tried to get in my hotel room and I pushed him out." 


Hyatt had been working as an interviewer for "Missy's Manor" segments with the likes of Jimmy Hart and Randy Savage, a role she described hating. After her alleged interaction with McMahon, she departed the promotion after being offered the role of 'Federette' — female attendants who took wrestlers' pre-match apparel at the beginning of a bout. 

Missy Hyatt on Janel Grant's lawsuit

In both interviews, Missy Hyatt revealed that she had contacted Janel Grant's legal team regarding her alleged incident with Vince McMahon. She also affirmed her belief in what Grant has alleged in the lawsuit, saying she was prepared to give testimony if and when it's required. 


"I hope that girl takes him to the cleaners. He should have paid the NDA. He should have paid her, and he didn't pay her and then she comes out with all this stuff. He's just a nasty son of a b***h," she said during "Cafe De Rene." "I've talked to the attorney that's suing him, you know, and told them the dealings that I had with him and that he's a scummy, scummy guy. If you don't give him sex, you don't get a push... I talked to the attorneys because I said if you need to call somebody as a witness to the way Vince works, I will do it."

In the interview with "Wrestling Shoot Interviews," she reiterated this point and vowed to support Grant's case. "I've believed everything. I believe it all. There's nothing I would put past [Vince McMahon]." 


Throughout the lawsuit process, McMahon and his attorneys have maintained his innocence, denying the allegations as nothing more than a disgruntled ex-lover lashing out and distorting the truth. His attorney echoed that sentiment last Thursday, stating that they were confident that the investigation will show their defense to be true. Prior the lawsuit being stayed, McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis had all attempted to get the civil suit moved into arbitration.