WWE NXT Results 6/4 - Jordynne Grace Faces Stevie Turner, NXT Heritage Cup On The Line & More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on June 4, 2024, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

Days before she challenges Roxanne Perez for the "NXT" Women's Championship at "NXT" Battleground on June 9, Jordynne Grace will be competing in a WWE ring for the first time since competing in the Women's Royal Rumble back in January as she collides with the returning Stevie Turner. To the surprise of many, Grace was revealed as Perez's new Number One Contender last week. When Turner voiced her frustrations with being dismissed and not being granted a title shot of her own to "NXT" General Manager Ava, Grace challenged her to a match after she walked in and heard her.


Tony D'Angelo of The Family will be putting the NXT Heritage Cup on the line for the first time since becoming titleholder as he defends against No Quarter Catch Crew's Damon Kemp. The issues between The Family and No Quarter Catch Crew have remained no secret over the course of the past few weeks, and have only intensified since D'Angelo dethroned Charlie Dempsey as Heritage Cup Champion on the May 14 edition of "NXT".

As tensions within Chase U continue to rise, Thea Hail will have to refocus her sights tonight as she goes head-to-head with Jazmyn Nyx. Nyx and her ally Jacy Jayne betrayed Hail a number of weeks ago, and Hail has seeked her retribution against both of them by defeating Nyx on the March 26 episode of "NXT" and defeating Jayne in a Six Woman Tag Team Match at "NXT" Stand & Deliver in April and a singles match at Night Two of Spring Breakin' later that same month. 


Additionally, fans will be getting a peek into the "NXT" Underground match between Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler ahead of Battleground with an inside look.

We are live! The show kicks off with Ava and Mr. Stone meeting Ethan Page outside the Performance Center as they look to sign him to a WWE contract.

We then head over to a video showing Sexxy Red's appearance during last week's episode of "NXT", as well as what happened in the main event tag team match between Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans and Gallus, Page's debut, and Jordynne Grace's return to WWE.

Vic Joseph and Booker T then greet audiences at home as Grace makes her way down to the ring. Stevie Turner follows, and Roxanne Perez takes a seat at the announce desk to watch the action.

Jordynne Grace vs. Stevie Turner

The bell rings and the two lock up. Turner slaps Grace and looks to clothesline her, but Grace stays on her feet. She gets Turner up on her shoulders, but Turner escapes. Turner looks to send Grace crashing into the top turnbuckle face first, but Grace blocks it and slaps her. She then delivers a Sliced Bread to Turner and looks to deliver a splash in the corner, but Turner move sout of the way and sends Grace crashing into the middle turnbuckle spine first.


Turner jams her boot into Grace, then lands a neckbreaker and goes for a pin. Grace kicks out and delivers a suplex to Turner, then lands a series of forearms and chops on her. She follows it up with a pair of bodyslams to Turner and lands a back elbow on her in the corner, then whips her into the opposite corner. Grace then delivers a slam and a Vader Bomb to Turner before she stares down Perez at the announce desk and delivers the Juggernaut Driver for the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

After the match, Perez slides in the ring and holds up her "NXT" Women's Championship as she stares down Grace. She then shoves Grace, but Grace stays on her feet. Grace then shoves Perez into the mat and gets her up on her shoulder, but Perez escapes.


We then head outside the WWE Performance Center to Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson. Trick Williams approaches Legend looking for Ethan Page, and Legend says she doesn't know where he is. Williams promises to make Page pay for what he did last week before Legend puts an end to their blossoming romance so she can focus on becoming the inaugural Women's North American Championship. Williams understands and tells her to do whatever it takes to win the title.

Back from the break, we see Shawn Spears give advice to several young "NXT" competitors including Je'Von Evans and Uriah Connors. Josh Briggs walks in and interrupts, and Briggs says Spears was referring to him as "the lost soul" he alluded to in a backstage interview last week. The two then find themselves in a heated verbal confrontation.

Back at ringside, the Competitors In The NXT Women's North American Championship Ladder Match and Booker T are waiting inside.

Booker T Hosts A Summit For The Competitors In The NXT Women's North American Championship Ladder Match At Battleground

Booker T stands behind the Women's North American Championship, and asks the six women in the ring who will climb the ladder to grab glory and become the inaugural Women's North American Champion. Booker says he looks in the ring and sees talent and the future of the "NXT" women's division, then asks Michin what she'll do to become the first titleholder.


Michin says unlike her opponents, she knows what it takes to win the Ladder Match with her prior experience, but Jaida Parker cuts her off and says it's her time. She then warns Michin against coming close to her title before Fallon Henley says the Ladder Match is her kind of match. She says she doesn't have to carry any dead weight or worry about anyone, then says the Women's North American Championship was made for her. Kelani Jordan asks Henley where her name is on the Women's North American Championship, then says the six of them in the ring are all qualified to be the inaugural Women's North American Championship. She says no one is willing to put in the work like she will.

Booker then says Sol Ruca might be a little out of her element in a Ladder Match, and Ruca says while she was going to sit back as everyone else insulted one another, five of the women in the ring will be wrong. She says five stones will be smashed on Sunday. Lash Legend then says it's been a rough couple weeks for her, but Sunday is about her. She says she will be going from a woman with potential to a woman who is Women's North American Championship.


Parker says she's surprised Legend could think about anything besides Trick Williams, and the six women then get in one another's faces. The six women begin brawling with one another, and Ruca, Michin, and Jordan dump Legend, Henley, and Parker out of the ring. Mr. Stone then appears at ringside and says per Ava's orders, Ruca, Michin, and Parker will be taking on Legend, Henley, and Jordan will all be facing one another in a six woman tag match later tonight since they don't want to wait until Battleground.

We then head backstage to check in with No Quarter Catch Crew and Chase U. Duke Hudson and Riley Osborne inform Thea Hail and Andre Chase they won't be at ringside for Hail's upcoming match because of Ridge Holland. Holland then joins Chase and Hail, and the trio make their way down to the ring. Jazmyn Nyx follows.

Thea Hail (w/ Andre Chase and Ridge Holland) vs. Jazmyn Nyx

The bell rings and the two lock up. Nyx delivers a kick to Hail's thigh and shoves her, but Hail responds with a shove of her own and follows it up with a standing moonsault. She wears down Nyx's arm with a submission hold, then locks in a Fujiwara Armbar. Nyx counters into a pinfall to escape, and Hail kicks out. Nyx then delivers an arm drag, but Hail delivers an arm drag of her own. Nyx lands a kick on Hail's chest, then continues to wear her down in the corner and sends her crashing into the mat face first.


Hail lands a kick on Nyx's jaw, then continues targeting her arm as Duke Hudson and Riley Obsorne make their way to the ring through the crowd. Hail lands a slam on Nyx, then follows it up with a rolling senton. She notices Hudson and Osborne at ringside, then fires off a few forearms on Nyx. She cinches in the Kimura Lock, but Nyx breaks the hold by pinning the referee between her and Hail. Nyx then delivers a Pele Kick for the win.

Winner: Jazmyn Nyx

Back from the break, we head over to Ethan Page and Ava emerging from Ava's office. Page says he has all the leverage and will get all he wants. Page leaves and Mr. Stone approaches, and tells Ava he took care of the six woman tag team match for later tonight. Mr. Stone then asks how contract negotiations Page had for her, and Ava shows him the long list of demands Page has.


We then head over to a video showing Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attack Nathan Frazer and Axiom as the latter duo sells merchandise at a merchandise stand outside the WWE Performance Center. Security then appears and pulls The OC off Frazer and Axiom.

Shawn Spears Brawls With Je'Von Evnas

Back at ringside, Josh Briggs' music hits, but he's nowhere to be seen ahead of his scheduled match with Shawn Spears. The cameraman runs backstage to the Gorilla position, and we see Briggs laid out by Shawn Spears after he seemingly attacked him with a chair. Je'Von Evans approaches and sees what happened, then brawls with Spears into the ringside area. Evans delivers a tope suicida to Spears that sends him crashing into the announce desk, but Spears sends Evans colliding into the ring steps. Spears then clears the announce desk and gets Evans on top of it, then looks to send him crashing through it. Evans counters with a back body drop as officials try breaking things up at ringside, then delivers a cutter off the top rope to Spears and clotheslines him out of the ring.


Back from the break, No Quarter Catch Crew makes their way down to the ring. The Family follows.

Tony D'Angelo (w/ The Family) (c) vs. Damon Kemp (w/ No Quarter Catch Crew) for the NXT Heritage Cup

Round one begins, and Kemp rolls up D'Angelo. D'Angelo kicks out, and Kemp rolls him up again. D'Angelo kicks out, then lands a right hand on Kemp. He fires off his signature right hands on Kemp, then delivers a suplex to him. Kemp responds with a back suplex and several stomps, then lands a back elbow on D'Angelo and goes for a pin. D'Angelo kicks out and delivers a suplex to Kemp, then pins him to score a point.


Round One: D'Angelo 1-0 Kemp

Round two kicks off, and D'Angelo lands a kick on Kemp's midsection. Kemp responds with a kick of his own on D'Angelo's midsection.

Back from the break, round two has come to a close.

Round Two: D'Angelo 1-0 Kemp

D'Angelo and Kemp fire off right hands on one another as round three begins before D'Angelo whips Kemp into the corner. Kemp delivers a modified jawbreaker and a clothesline, then follows it up with a double stomp and a standing splash. Kemp rolls up D'Angelo, but D'Angelo kicks out. Kemp delivers a German suplex to D'Angelo and goes for a pin, but D'Angelo kicks out.

Kemp cinches in a waist lock and executes a mat return, but D'Angelo fires off back elbows on him. Kemp delivers another German suplex and pins D'Angelo, but D'Angelo kicks out. Kemp keeps the waist lock cinched in and delivers a third German suplex, then goes for another pin. D'Angelo kicks out and escapes the waist lock, then delivers an arm drag. Kemp lands a chop, but D'Angelo delivers a variation of a suplex and tosses Kemp across the ring. He sits Kemp on the top rope, but Kemp escapes with a headbutt and connects with a Death Valley Driver. He pins D'Angelo, but the referee cannot complete the three count before the round comes to a close.


Round Three: D'Angelo 1-0 Kemp

Round four kicks off, and D'Angelo delivers a spinebuster to Kemp for the win.

Round Four: D'Angelo 2-0 Kemp

Winner (and still): Tony D'Angelo

We then head backstage to Ava and Kelly Kincaid, where Kincaid asks Ava how contract negotiations are going with Ethan Page. Ava says Page insisted on signing his contract in the ring before a fired up Trick Williams walks in and tells Ava to give Page whatever he wants. Williams then tells Ava he'll be present for Page's tag team match later tonight.

We then head backstage and see Jordynne Grace catch up with Michin. Sol Ruca walks in and introduces herself to Jordynne before Jaida Parker interrupts. Arianna Grace then approaches Jordynne, as does Tatum Paxley who takes note of Jordynne's TNA Knockouts Championship.

Back from the break, we head over to a video giving an inside look into Lola Vice and Shayna Baszler chatting about their "NXT" Underground match and one another ahead of Battleground, as well as what has happened leading up to it.

Back at ringside, Izzi Dame makes her way out. Natalya and Karmen Petrovic follow.

Natalya (w/ Karmen Petrovic) vs. Izzi Dame

The bell rings and the two lock up. Dame delivers a shoulder tackle, but Natalya wears her down with a shoulder submission. Dame looks to land a boot on Natalya in the corner, but Natalya moves out of the way and steps over Dame. Natalya dropkicks Dame out of the ring, but Dame sends her crashing into the ring steps shoulder first and gets her back inside the ring. Dame locks in a submission on Natalya, then delivers a kick to her midsection and sets up for a powerbomb.


Natalya counters into a hurricanrana and follows it up with a discus lariat. She goes for a pin, but Dame kicks out. Natalya then looks to lock in a Sharpshooter, but Dame rolls her up. Natalya kicks out and locks in a Triangle on Dame. Dame powers to her feet and sends Natalya crashing into the corner. Dame rains down right hands on Natalya in the corner, but Natalya manages to land a sit-out powerbomb on Dame. Natalya then pins Dame, but Dame counters into a pin of her own. Natalya then reverses the pin for the win.

Winner: Natalya

Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont then make their way down to the ring for their upcoming match. Gallus attacks them during the commercial break.

We Hear From Gallus

Joe Coffey says Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gallus then expresses their frustrations with Wolfgang being banned from ringside last week when Joe and Mark Coffey took on Trick Williams and Je'Von Evans last week and Sexyy Red prevented them from using the "NXT" Championship to win the match. Joe says the WWE Universe might respect Gallus more if they were more present on social media or played another sport, and Mark says Gallus is not in "NXT" for online clout. He says they're there to be professional wrestlers, and Wolfgang says the next generation is ruining everything they built. Joe says Gallus are three fully grown men, and says they have business to take care of on Sunday when he takes on Oba Femi and Wes Lee in a Triple Threat Match for the North American Championship.


Oba Femi's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. He says he would be foolish to not consider Gallus dangerous, then tells Mark and Wolfgang that they can try interfering in the Triple Threat match but the outcome remains the same and he will still be the North American Champion.

Wes Lee's music hits and he appears through the crowd. He says in order to win the North American Championship, he'll have to go through Gallus and Femi. Gallus then attacks and Lee gets involved. Gallus overpowers Lee, and the trio leave both Lee and Femi laid out.

Back from the break, we head over to a video teasing the return of Wendy Choo next week.

We then head backstage and see Dante Chen attack Lexis King as the latter chats with Kelly Kincaid. Chen and King brawl throughout the backstage arena, and people appear to separate them. King tells Chen they aren't finished yet.


Back at ringside, Lash Legend, Fallon Henley, and Kelani Jordan make their way down to the ring. Sol Ruca, Michin, and Jaida Parker follow.

Lash Legend, Fallon Henley, and Kelani Jordan vs. Sol Ruca, Michin, and Jaida Parker

Ruca and Jordan begin the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. They go back and forth before Jordan delivers a hurricanrana and Ruca lands on her feet. Legend and Parker tag themselves in, and they lock up. Parker looks to land a shoulder tackle on Legend, but Legend stays standing. Parker looks to run the ropes, but Legend catches her. She sends Parker crashing into the mat and looks to land a splash, but Parker moves out of the way.


Michin tags in and gets Legend in a side headblock, then looks to land a shoulder tackle on her. Legend stays standing once again, and Michin delivers a hurricanrana to her. Parker tags in, but the referee doesn't see. Michin runs the ropes, and Henley lands a kick on her spine while the referee is distracted. Henley tags in and double teams on Michin with Legend.

Back from the break, Jordan and Parker tag in. Jordan levels Parker with a series of back elbows and an Angle Slam, then ascends to the middle rope and looks to land a crossbody. Parker catches Jordan and drapes her across the middle turnbuckle, then delivers a Hip Attack to level Jordan and sends her crashing into the mat. She goes for a pin, but Jordan kicks out. Parker tags in Michin, and Michin delivers a shoulder pounce to Jordan. Michin locks in a Bow and Arrow on Jordan, but Jordan escapes and counters into a pin. Michin kicks out and lands a dropkick.


Parker tags herself back in and cinches in an Abdominal Stretch on Jordan as Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx appear at ringside. Jordan lands a jawbreaker on Parker, then tags in Henley as Ruca tags in on her side. Ruca looks to fly off the ropes, but Henley catches her with a forearm and fires off a few kicks on her. She whips Ruca into the opposite corner and delivers a bulldog before Ruca and Henley level one another with clotheslines.

Michin sends Parker crashing into the ring, and Parker drags Michin inside to join her. The pair begin brawling in their corner as Legend tags in on her side and locks in a Full Nelson on Ruca. Henley fires off strikes on Ruca, but Jordan gets in the ring to break things up. Henley clocks Jordan and looks to clock Ruca, but Ruca ducks out of the way and Henley clocks Legend. Jordan then sends Henley crashing into the mat, but Legend levels Jordan with a pump kick that sends her crashing to the outside. Ruca takes advantage and delivers Sol Snatcher to Legend for the win.

Winners: Sol Ruca, Michin, and Jaida Parker

We then head backstage to Stevie Turner approaching Ava as the latter makes her way down to the ring asking for another opportunity next week seeing as she doesn't think it was fair to have competed against Jordynne Grace earlier tonight. Ava tells Turner she doesn't have time right now to talk.


Back from the break, Ava is waiting inside the ring.

Ethan Page Signs A Contract To Become An Official Member Of The NXT Roster

Ava says Ethan Page wanted to have their contract negotiation in public and invites him down to the ring. Page makes his way out and takes a seat as does Ava. Ava says she doesn't like to handle business this way, and says it's time to hammer out a deal.


Page thanks Ava, and tells her she's going to have to get used to him calling the shots around "NXT" if he signs the contract they've agreed on because he'll be getting a lot of perks. He says he doesn't think the "NXT" locker room or Ava herself will like that very much, and says he's earned all the perks. He says he's tired of sitting around and waiting for opportunities, and says he's going to take them. He says Ava should have a smile on her face because she's about to sign "The Wrestler".

Ava tells Page she's not signing anyone with his demands, and Page says she will sign him on live TV because she needs to. He says "NXT" lost eight of their top Superstars during the WWE Draft, and says he'll take the brand to new heights. He says he understands there's a lot of money in his contract, but he could've sat at home for two years collecting a check. He says he's not about that, and says while Ava might hate him, she knows he's talented and a megastar. He says he hasn't said anything that's an opinion, but simply things that are fact.


Trick Williams' music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. Page dumps the table in the ring out of it, and Page calls for Williams' music to be cut. Page says he knows how contract signing usually go, and says no one is getting put through a table tonight. He says he's here to handle business.

Williams tells Ava to give Page whatever he wants so he and everyone else in the building can get what they want: to beat down Page. He tells Page that "NXT" is his house, and he's been around for a minute. He says he has a few friends in the back who have been with him through everything, as have the fans. Williams tells Page that his problem with him is that he jumped the line in his house. He says Page is crazy for thinking he can jump the line to get a shot at the "NXT" Championship, then says he'll make an example out of him.

Page says he gets why Williams is emotional after their encounter last week, and says he and Williams have a lot more in common than they think. He says he saw Williams in Carmelo Hayes' shadow, and says he's been in the same position Williams has been in a million times. He says Williams was able to break out while he wasn't, then says being "NXT" Champion comes with the responsibility of having a target on his back and a big spotlight he craves. He says attacking Williams wasn't personal, then tells Ava he's ready to sign the contract.


Ava hands Page the contract and he signs it. Page says all he needs is Ava's signature, and Williams invites Ava to sign. Ava says she can't because of a stipulation, and Page reveals that should Ava sign, she gives him a shot at the "NXT" Championship at Battleground and the end of the Whoop That era. Williams says Page can't end anything, and says come Battleground, Page will be hearing one think: Whoop That Trick. Ava signs the contract, and Williams and Page get in one another's faces. They stare one another down, and Williams holds up the "NXT" Championship as the show goes off the air.