Trick Williams On WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels' Answer When He Asked For The Ball

Reigning "NXT" Champion Trick Williams is currently the face of "WWE NXT," with the brand's supremo Shawn Michaels reposing faith in him. However, according to Williams, the WWE Hall of Famer once denied him a title opportunity that he requested.


"He told me no," Williams recalled in a recent interview with "The Sporting Tribune." He then noted that Michaels explained to him that, at the time, his work with Carmelo Hayes was far more important. "He told me no, like, 'You're doing great at what you're doing, which is working alongside Carmelo Hayes.'"

Williams also recalled that Michaels took his time to explain why, warning him that the wrong timing could result in him taking some time off television. "And then he proceeded to tell me that a lot of guys ask for the ball, but they're not ready for it, and if he gives me an opportunity and I'm not ready for it, I'll maybe sit on the bench for a while."

Despite this, Williams pointed out that, for whatever reason, Michaels changed his mind not too long after, which led to his current run as the "NXT" Champion. "So, you know, that's what he told me, and then, you know, he decided, you know, maybe he decided it was time, maybe a few weeks later after that, and from there, man, the rest is honestly history."


Williams' run with the title began at the NXT: Spring Breakin' show, where he defeated Ilja Dragunov.

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