AEW Star Christian Cage Addresses The Hype Around His Signing

Former TNT Champion Christian Cage has shared the excitement leading up to his signing with AEW at Revolution 2021. Before Cage made his surprise appearance, AEW President Tony Khan had set the bar high for his debut ahead of time without specifically revealing his name, saying that the signing was "Hall of Fame" worthy. Speaking with Chris Van Vliet on "Insight," Cage went into detail about understanding how some fans may have felt underwhelmed by his debut, but also realized there would be a strong opinion either way about his signing because of the hype built towards it. 


"You know how wrestling fans are, right? Nothing's ever good enough. So when my name was announced, there were some people that were thinking it was going to be somebody else, maybe hoping it was going to be somebody else," Cage said. "I mean, there were a lot of people who were happy it was me too. But when you do something like that, that's not a surprise,  when you hype something, you're giving people the opportunity to have an opinion. Either good or bad and they're gonna voice that after." Cage also mentioned both of his TNT title runs, explaining that before he won the championship, it was thrown in the "scrap heap" and he wanted to prove everyone wrong who thought his surprise signing was underwhelming. 


"I revived that title to make it at one point, I'll die on this hill, that it was as prestigious, if not more prestigious than the world title when I had that run," Cage boasted. "We were main-eventing a pay-per-view, WrestleDream with it ... there's ... probably a lot of people in the room that thought that the signing was overhyped, and I just wanted to make them eat their words."

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