Why Eric Bischoff 'Wasn't Interested Initially' In Who Killed WCW? Docuseries

"Who Killed WCW?", the four-part docuseries from VICE TV on the collapse of World Championship Wrestling, is set to feature insight from some of pro wrestling's biggest names, including The Rock, Bill Goldberg, and the man who ran the show, Eric Bischoff. At first, however, Bischoff was hesitant to get involved with the project. WCW's former Executive Producer and President recently sat down on his "83 Weeks" podcast to explain what got him to change his mind.


"I wasn't interested initially," Bischoff recalled. "[The story of] "Monday Nitro" and WCW had been done so many times. There was so much false narrative out there and it's been out there so long, it's never going to go away. And the story had been told, particularly by WWE."

Bischoff didn';t want to be a part of another biased production about his former employer. However, he soon caught wind of the approach VICE TV and Seven Bucks Productions planned to take in this new series.

"Once I heard the angle of attack, I went 'Hmm, this is a little bit like Guy Evans' book. Talking about a lot of information that people never knew, including me,'" Bischoff said. "There's a whole different perspective out there. I'm not suggesting people buy into one or the other, but there's a different perspective."


The debut episode of "Who Killed WCW?" aired via YouTube on June 4 and focused on the groundbreaking signings of the stars who would become the New World Order. The next episode titled, "The Streak is Over," will air Tuesday, June 11 on VICE TV.

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