Vince McMahon Not Allowed At WWE Headquarters, According To Former Employee

Vince McMahon resigned as Executive Chairman of TKO in January following a sex trafficking lawsuit filed against him in January, progressively selling the stock he held in the time since to ensure total separation from the promotion he acquired from his father decades ago. And according to former longtime employee Tom Carlucci, McMahon isn't even allowed to enter WWE headquarters as a visitor. 


"He can't even walk in the building. That's crazy that you drive by that building, you got the big championship belt, he always wanted those from day one," Carlucci said during "The Insiders" with Conrad Thompson. Carlucci started working with WWE in January 1988, assuming various roles for the company over the next three decades. "We were in two different buildings ... He always wanted us under one roof. That was his dream to have us under one roof. The dream came and he's not even a part of it anymore," Carlucci added. That ban even extends, according to Carlucci, to the gym that McMahon helped to design, "He can't even go in that gym anymore. He can't step foot anywhere. Every meeting that goes on over there, everybody asks, 'Is Vince coming?' ... 'You'll never see Vince here again,' from the TKO people."


McMahon initially resigned from WWE in 2022 after it had emerged that he'd misappropriated company funds to pay NDAs. But he returned to the board in January 2023 with the expressed intent of finding a buyer for WWE. In September, WWE was officially merged with UFC to become TKO Group Holdings in an agreement with Endeavor, with McMahon named the Executive Chairman of TKO's board. McMahon ultimately resigned again in light of Janel Grant's lawsuit, which was paused last Thursday pending further investigation from the Department of Justice.