Bruce Prichard: This WWE Hall Of Famer Was Never Seriously Considered For World Title

Throughout the '80s and for much of the '90s, WWE was considered a babyface territory, in the business of creating superheroes and larger-than-life superstars, and therefore its champions, for the most part, reflected as much. Unfortunately for a traditional heel as committed to the cause as Ted DiBiase was, that meant he was never truly in the running to be WWE Champion.


On "Something to Wrestle," Bruce Prichard discussed this ideology, disputing the idea that DiBiase was "supposed to" be champion. But he explained that this had a lot to do with him being good at the role he was given.

"No, DiBiase was never supposed to be champion, ever," Prichard asserted. "I think Teddy could've carried it and would've been a good champion but that was not something that was ever seriously considered [because] you're looking at a place that was a babyface territory that always had a babyface champion and was about building heroes. It was about building megastars and Ted was such a strong heel that he wouldn't have fit at the time."

DiBiase held the WWE World Heavyweight Championship for a few days in 1988 when Andre the Giant won the title from Hulk Hogan and handed it over to DiBiase following the infamous "evil twin" angle featuring referees Dave and Earl Hebner at WWF The Main Event. That reign was thwarted when President Jack Tunney declared the title vacant, setting up the classic tournament at WrestleMania IV where "Macho Man" Randy Savage defeated DiBiase in the final. 


No title, no problem

Bruce Prichard, who made it clear that Ted DiBiase as champion was discussed in passing but never really considered, was also asked if any other names came to mind of those positioned for a run as champion that never came to fruition. He revealed that Bam Bam Bigelow and Ahmed Johnson were considered for runs with the title.


"Bam Bam Bigelow was considered at one point," he said. "Bam Bam just came in hot and then fizzled. After [the audience had] seen him, they'd seen him." As for Johnson, the compliment well went dry, save for his physical appearance, which is likely why he never held the main title in WWE. "We talked Ahmed Johnson," Prichard recalled. "God, he would be a great champion. Look at him! Unfortunately, the bell had to ring."

Despite never having a world championship run, DiBiase can rest easy all the same, with his place in WWE lore, and in its Hall of Fame, firmly secure as one of its top villains. The Hebner angle, his feuds with Dusty Rhodes and Virgil, and his run alongside Irwin R. Schyster in Money Inc. are still revered by fans, while his Million Dollar Championship remains an iconic relic, revived not too long ago in the rivalry between LA Knight and Cameron Grimes on "WWE NXT," in an angle that DiBiase participated in as well.


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