WWE SmackDown Results 6/7 - Cody Rhodes Appears, Tonga Loa Becomes Anointed Into The Bloodline & More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE SmackDown" on June 7, 2024, coming to you live from the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky!

Last week's edition of "SmackDown" ended in explosive fashion when AJ Styles called Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes out to the ring to voice his respect to him for their title match at WWE Backlash as he addressed his future in professional wrestling. Moments later, he blindsided "The American Nightmare" with an attack which ultimately ended with Styles landing a Styles Clash on Rhodes from off the ring steps. In light of such, Rhodes will be appearing on tonight's show.


As things within The Bloodline continue to intensify, Tonga Loa proved himself to be an integral part of the stable's assertiveness last week when he and Tama Tonga defeated The Street Profits in his first match in WWE in just under a decade. Following such, Loa will be anointed into The Bloodline tonight.

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions Grayson Waller will be returning to singles competition for the first time since the March 15 episode of "SmackDown" when he came up short against Randy Orton as he collides with #DIY's Johnny Gargano. Waller and Gargano's respective teammates Austin Theory and Tommaso Ciampa squared off last week, in which Ciampa ultimately came out on top.

After coming up short against Andrade during last week's edition of "WWE SmackDown", Apollo Crews looks to redeem himself tonight as he goes head-to-head with Legado Del Fantasma's Angel. Legado Del Fantasma offered Andrade a spot in their stable last week after he defeated Crews, but Andrade ultimately chose not to accept. When Angel tried talking to Andrade afterwards in an attempt to get him to reconsider behind the scenes, Crews blindsided him with an attack.


During the Countdown To WWE King & Queen Of The Ring pre-show, Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair successfully defended the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship against Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae. However, in the match, Belair and LeRae were both dealing with knee injuries, with the latter having suffered hers the day before on "SmackDown" and the former in the bout. This led to the four women coming face-to-face backstage last week in a tense verbal altercation, and tonight, they will all be meeting one another in the ring.

Additionally, the aforementioned Belair and Orton, LA Knight, and WWE Women's Champion Bayley are all advertised to be in town tonight per WWE's event page.

We are live! The show kicks off with a video recapping what happened between AJ Styles and Cody Rhodes in the closing moments of last week's edition of "WWE SmackDown".

Wade Barrett and Corey Graves greet audiences at home as The Bloodline makes their way down to the ring.

Tonga Loa Becomes Anointed Into The Bloodline

Paul Heyman introduces himself, and says as "The Wiseman" to The Bloodline, part of his services are to set the record straight. He says until Roman Reigns comes back to WWE, Solo Sikoa sits at the head of the table. Fans chant for Reigns as Heyman says Sikoa has increased the ante, and has declared that the following will be a double proclamation. He says Tama Tonga has already been anointed as a fully fledged member of The Bloodline, and says from now on, Tama will also be known as "The Right Hand Man". He then says that history is about to be made in the very eyes of fans, and says the story of The Bloodline will not be complete unless it's acknowledged that Tonga Loa is a fully fledged member of The Bloodline that will now be known as "Infamous".


Sikoa hugs Loa, and Heyman thanks Louisville. He tells them goodnight, but Sikoa grabs the mic and asks Heyman if he's forgetting something. He says Heyman should be thanking Loa and Tama for saving him last week from Kevin Owens, and Heyman does so seemingly out of fear. Tama tells Heyman that he and Loa could've let Owens kill him, but they saved him on the orders of Sikoa. Heyman then says in an effort to return the favor, he arrived early and heard Owens was looking for a piece for any member of The Bloodline.

Owens' music then hits, and he makes his way down to the ring. He slides inside and rains down right hands on Tama, but Loa pulls him off Tama. Sikoa and Owens then begin brawling, but Tama and Loa go after him. Tama, Loa, and Sikoa beat down Owens, but The Street Profits' music hits and they run down to the ring to even the odds. Owens grabs a chair and hits Sikoa, Loa, and Tama with it. The Bloodline retreats up the ramp as Owens, The Street Profits, and B-Fab stand tall in the ring.


We then head backstage and see Cody Rhodes waiting in the KFC Yum! Center loading dock for AJ Styles to arrive.

Back from the break, we head backstage and see Solo Sikoa tell Paul Heyman to make a six man tag team match official between The Bloodline and Kevin Owens and The Street Profits. He tells him if he doesn't, then he'll make a match between Heyman and Tama Tonga official in The Bloodline's locker room.

Back at ringside, Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair make their way down to the ring. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae follow.

Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair) vs. Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae

Belair and Hartwell begin the action as Alba Fyre, Isla Dawn, Shayna Baszler, and Zoey Stark appear at ringside to watch the action. The bell rings and the two lock up. LeRae tags in and looks to whip Belair into the corner. Belair stops her momentum and lands a shoulder on LeRae's midsection, then delivers a delayed vertical suplex and a springboard moonsault. She goes for a pin, but LeRae kicks out. Hartwell tags in and lands a clothesline on Belair. She then sends LeRae crashing into Belair.


Back from the break, Belair delivers a backbreaker to LeRae and tags in Hartwell. Hartwell prevents Belair from tagging out to Cargill, but Belair lands a boot on her and clocks LeRae on the apron. She manages to tag in Cargill, and Cargill levels Hartwell. She then delivers a backbreaker to LeRae and lands a suplex on Hartwell before she delivers a splash to Hartwell in the corner and tosses LeRae on top of Hartwell.

Cargill sends Hartwell crashing into the mat and delivers a kick to her. She goes for a pin, but LeRae breaks the fall. Belair gets in the ring and LeRae delivers a jawbreaker to her. Belair sends LeRae crashing out of the ring, then sends Hartwell crashing into the top turnbuckle. Belair and Cargill then deliver an assisted German suplex to Hartwell for the win.


Winners: Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair

After the match, Fyre, Dawn, Stark, and Baszler send Cargill and Belair crashing out of the ring. Stark and Baszler send Cargill crashing into the ring steps as Fyre and Dawn send Belair crashing into the barricade. Both teams each then get their hands on one of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship belts and stare one another down before they begin brawling. Cargill and Belair get back inside and take down Stark and Baszler. Cargill then delivers Jaded to Fyre and Belair delivers a KOD to Dawn.

We then head back over to Cody Rhodes in the KFC Yum! Center loading dock. Nick Aldis approaches Rhodes and tries talking him out of fighting Rhodes on the loading dock, and Rhodes tells Aldis this is between him and AJ Styles.

Back at ringside, #DIY make their way out.

Back from the break, we head backstage and see Angel and Humberto blindside Apollo Crews ahead of the former's match with Crews. Nick Aldis and officials run into break things up before LA Knight appears and demands to know from Aldis where Logan Paul is. Carmelo Hayes interrupts the pair and brags about his accomplishments over the last three weeks. Knight then asks Aldis to make a match between him and Hayes now that Angel and Crews will no longer be facing one another, and Aldis agrees to do so.


Back at ringside, Grayson Waller and Austin Theory make their way down.

Grayson Waller (w/ Austin Theory) vs. Johnny Gargano (w/ Tommaso Ciampa)

The bell rings and Gargano wastes no time. He fires off right hands and stomps on Waller in the corner, but Waller takes out Gargano with a right hand. Gargano lands a kick to Waller's head, then delivers a strike to him in the corner. He lands several more in the adjacent corner and follows it up with a hurricanrana, but Waller delivers a jawbreaker to Gargano off the top rope. He looks to land a rolling Stunner, but Gargano sees him coming. He catches Waller with a suplex, but Gargnao lands a Sliced Bread on him off the ring apron on the outside.


Back from the break, Waller looks to deliver an elbow drop to Gargano. Gargano avoids it and delivers a back elbow to Waller, then follows it up with a kick. Gargano delivers a spear to Waller through the middle rope and goes for a pin, but Waller kicks out. Waller delivers a rolling elbow strike to Gargano, then sends him crashing into the mat and connects with a modified back suplex.

Gargano and Waller exchange forearms with one another before Waller delivers a pair of kicks to Waller. Gargano responds with a superkick and a second kick, but Waller charges at him in the corner. Gargano moves out of the way and sends Waller crashing into the mat, then crawls over to Waller looking to pin him. Waller rolls out of the ring before he can, and Theory checks on him on the outside. Gargano delivers a tope suicida to Theory on the outside, and Waller then sends Gargano crashing into the ring post. He gets him back in the ring and delivers a rolling blockbuster for the win.


Winner: Grayson Waller

We then head back over to Cody Rhodes on the loading dock. Nick Aldis and several security guards appear, and Aldis explains that security is there as AJ Styles is set to momentarily arrive and he wants to make sure nothing gets out of hand.

Back from the break, Styles arrives to the KFC Yum! Center and gets into Rhodes' face as security ensures the two men are separated. Rhodes then marches out to the ring.

We Hear From Cody Rhodes

Rhodes demands Styles come down to the ring and says they don't need any security. He tells Styles it's time to do this here and now.

Styles' music hits, and he makes his way down to the ring alongside Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. Security runs out to the ring with Nick Aldis not far behind. Styles asks Rhodes if he thinks he care what he wants, then says what Rhodes wants is irrelevant to him. He says Rhodes wants to fight him so bad, then demands Rhodes give him what he wants. He says he wants an Undisputed WWE Championship match at WWE Clash At The Castle, and Rhodes accepts his challenge. He then tells Styles that he will make him quit in an I Quit match.


Aldis then makes things official, and security tries stopping Rhodes from attacking Styles. Rhodes fights his way through security to Styles on top of the ramp, but security eventually intercepts him and holds Rhodes back. Styles manages to take a shot at Rhodes.

Back from the break, we see Jade Cargill and Bianca Belair emerge from Nick Aldis. When Byron Saxton asks what they were talking to him about, Cargill and Belair announce that they will be defending the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship against Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark, and Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn in a Triple Threat match.

Back at ringside, LA Knight makes his way down. Carmelo Hayes follows.

Carmelo Hayes vs. LA Knight

The bell rings and Hayes starts running his mouth. He then delivers a kick to Knight's midsection and fires off right hands on his spine, but Knight responds with a few strikes of his own. He clotheslines Hayes, then dumps him out of the ring. Hayes pulls Knight out to join him, and Knight sends Hayes' face repeatedly bouncing off the announce desk. Hayes sends Knight crashing into the ring apron spine first, but Knight tosses Hayes on top of the announce desk and fires off right hands on him.


Back from the break, Hayes delivers a springboard clothesline to Knight and goes for a pin. Knight kicks out and Hayes ascends to the top, but Knight trips him and drags him back into the ring from the apron. Hayes lands on his feet, but Knight levels him with a clothesline and sends him crashing into the mat face first. He then fires off stomps on him in the corner and Hayes catches him with a kick, but Hayes sends Knight crashing into the mat and goes for a pin.

Knight kicks out, and Hayes fires off strikes on him. Knight levels Hayes with a chop, then connects with a bodyslam and looks to deliver an elbow drop. Hayes sees Knight coming and moves out of the way, then rolls up Knight. Knight kicks out and connects with a powerslam, then lands an elbow drop and sets up for BFT. Hayes rolls up Knight, but Knight reverses the pinfall for the win.


Winner: LA Knight

After the match, Knight grabs a headset and puts Logan Paul on notice. He tells him if he doesn't want to come to "SmackDown", he'll bring the "SmackDown" to him.

We then head backstage and see Tiffany Stratton tell Nia Jax she has her back as "The Princess Of The Ring" and "The Queen Of The Ring" respectively. Michin then encounters Jax, and Jax gets into Michin's face. Michin then tosses a drink at Jax, and the two begin brawling before officials quickly intervene to separate the two women.

Back at ringside, Bayley makes her way out.

We Hear From Bayley

Bayley says she will be stepping into unfamiliar territory when she defends the WWE Women's Championship against Piper Niven at Clash At The Castle.

Before she can continue, Niven's music hits and she makes her way down to teh ring along with Chelsea Green. Green tells Bayley she talks a big old game for being a big old loser, and says the reason fans are booing her is because they're losers too. She says Bayley was a loser in Saudi Arabia and last week, then says she has a loser in her tag team partner Naomi. She says she will be a loser again at Clash At The Castle.


Bayley recalls beating Green in Saudi Arabia, and says while she relates to being the mouthpiece for someone being big and strong, Niven doesn't need her. Bayley says she respects Niven and says she's appreciated what she can do in the ring since the Mae Young Classic. She says she knows that their WWE Women's Championship means everything to Niven with her wrestling in front of her family, friends, and former colleagues in her home country, and says she knows what it feels like to lose. She says while Niven could've asked for a championship match, she didn't. She tells Niven she's going to have some fun beating her.

Niven grabs the mic from Green and says she's waiting to beat down Bayley in her home country of Scotland. She says she's glad Bayley has respect for her and her journey, and says she'd take it more to heart of Bayley knew more about her and her journey. She says the Mae Young Classic was in 2017, and says she's been clawing her way out of the trenches. She says she's been putting Scottish wrestling on the map, and while Bayley was busy hugging people, she was making a name for herself in the United Kingdom winning titles. Niven says if Bayley knew how dangerous she was, she wouldn't stand so close to her. She says she hopes Bayley's respect for her makes it a little less painful when she wins the WWE Women's Championship at Clash At The Castle. Niven and Bayley then stare one another down, and Bayley holds up her title.


We then head over to a video from Logan Paul, who sends a message to LA Knight.

Back at ringside, Kevin Owens and The Street Profits make their way down. The Bloodline follows.

The Bloodline (w/ Paul Heyman) vs. Kevin Owens and The Street Profits

Tama and Angelo Dawkins begin the action. The bell rings and Dawkins wastes no time going after Tama. Dawkins levels Dawkins with a back elbow, then delivers a splash to him in the corner and tags in Montez Ford. Tama fires off shoulders on Ford's midsection in the corner, then tags in Loa. Loa fires off right hands on Ford in the corner, then delivers a bodyslam to him and tags Tama back in. Ford dumps Tama out of the ring, but Sikoa drags him out from under the bottom rope and sends his head repeatedly bouncing off the ring apron. He then send shim crashing into the ring post.


Back from the break, Sikoa delivers a Samoan Drop to Ford. Tama tags in and connects with a right hand on Ford before he lands a pair of sliding clotheslines and goes for a pin. Ford kicks out and Tama is sent crashing to the outside, but he gets back in the ring and clocks Dawkins on the apron. Ford delivers an enzuigiri to him, then tags in Owens as Tama tags in Sikoa.

Owens fires off right hands on Sikoa, then fires off stomps on him in the corner. He follows it up with a cannonball, then ascends to the top and delivers a Swanton Bomb. Sikoa ladns a superkick on Owens, but Owens responds with one of his own. Sikoa connects with a clothesline on Owens and sets up for a Samoan Spike, but Owens sees him coming and delivers a Stunner. He goes for a pin, but Tama and Loa pull Owens out of the ring to break the fall. Dawkins comes to Owens' aid, and Ford flies over the top rope to level everyone on the outside. Sikoa grabs a chair and cracks it across Ford's spine, causing a disqualification.


Winners: Kevin Owens and The Street Profits (via disqualification)

Dawkins and Sikoa brawl in the ring, but Loa and Tama come to Sikoa's aid. Sikoa then delivers a spear to Ford, but Owens goes after The Bloodline on the outside. The Bloodline overpowers him, and delivers a Triple Powerbomb to him through the announce desk. The Bloodline then stands tall and holds up the one symbol as the show goes off the air.