WWE Star Carmella Looks Back On Time In NXT, Creating Her Character

WWE star Carmella has opened up about her time in "WWE NXT," revealing that the brand allowed her to bring the "Princess of Staten Island" persona to life.

In her recent appearance on "Insight," Carmella reflected on her "NXT" run and explained how being held back from joining the main roster with Enzo Amore and Cass allowed her to find herself as a singles star.


"I wanted to have a strong character because I didn't come from the independents, I didn't have any experience in wrestling so I knew, for me, with my love of performing, I needed to create a strong character. When, you know, Enzo and Cass went up to 'RAW,' I stayed in 'NXT.' Of course, I was devastated because I felt like, you know, I wanted to be on 'Raw,' I wanted to be on the main roster, and then I was held back and it all worked out the way it was supposed to because I was able to find out who I was on my own." 

Carmella made her debut on "NXT" in 2014, where she wrestled in developmental for two years before being called up to "WWE Smackdown" separated from Enzo and Cass, which originally was questioned since the group worked well together. Her solo run ultimately led her to excel on her own, and she eventually won the "WWE Smackdown" Women's Championship.


During the interview, Carmella also provided an update on her return, revealing that she's been recovering from an injury she suffered during pregnancy. 

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