CM Punk Screws Drew McIntyre Out Of Hometown WHC Victory At WWE Clash At The Castle

CM Punk cost Drew McIntyre the World Heavyweight Championship once again, this time in front of his hometown crowd at Clash at the Castle in Glasgow, Scotland. A referee bump led to Punk donning a striped shirt and sliding into the ring to make a count, but stopping before three when McIntyre had Damian Priest covered following a Claymore Kick. Priest also looked injured throughout the match, seemingly not putting much weight on his right foot after getting his leg presumably accidentally caught in the ropes attempting a dive to the outside.


McIntyre helped Priest get out of the ropes, then blocked a South of Heaven and sent Priest into the ring post. Priest was limping in the ring and grabbing his knee before hitting a South of Heaven to McIntyre. The match continued and the pair beat each other back and forth from down on their knees back to a standing position. On the outside, McIntyre hit a Glasgow kiss and sent Priest through the barricade with another Claymore. Once back inside the ring, McIntyre and Priest battled back and forth, sending the referee to the outside before knocking him out accidentally. Priest then missed the South of Heaven and McIntyre hit a Claymore. McIntyre pinned the champion, but without a referee in the ring.


Another official seemingly slid in to the ring, but it turned out to be McIntyre's arch nemesis, Punk. Punk hit a low blow on McIntyre, allowing Priest to hit the South of Heaven and pin McIntyre for the victory.