Jim Ross Talks Relationship With Shane McMahon, Chance Of WWE Return, Going To AEW

The name McMahon will be forever associated with WWE, so the idea of having any family member show up in another promotion might seem alien to even the most seasoned wrestling fan. However, if there was a McMahon who was to dip their toe in a different company, it would be Shane McMahon. During a recent edition of the "Grilling JR" podcast, Jim Ross was asked if he could see McMahon joining AEW or returning to WWE, and he believes that the former option might just work.


"It's so crazy that it might work depending how it was positioned and how it was introduced," Ross said. "Shane called me the other day, he's called me two or three times, which I really appreciate and he's always been sensitive in that respect. I know when Jan got in that wreck that killed her that he was one of the first individuals to contact me and all that...but that's only a question that Shane could answer. Shane and Tony Khan being together, how that would work creatively, heck who knows? Might be great, but in any event that will he come back in AEW for some reason? That all depends on Shane and what he wants to do."

In the past, McMahon has attempted to stay on top of current trends within wrestling and combat sports with the hopes of being able to run things himself. He once pitched the idea of buying the UFC to his father Vince before the MMA promotion boomed in popularity, and even pitched reviving ECW as an internet exclusive show before the brand was revived for TV in 2006. As such, the idea of him joining AEW doesn't seem implausible. 


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