Kevin Kelly Looks Back On Brian Pillman Pulling A Gun During WWE Raw Segment

The late Brian Pillman might not have had a main event career in the WWF, but he made quite an impact on the industry, especially with the highly controversial "Pillman's Got A Gun" angle that shocked the industry even during the "Attitude Era." 


During a recent appearance on Eric Bischoff's "Wise Choices" podcast, Kevin Kelly looked back at the angle and the controversy it caused. According to him, not many were thinking about the impact the scene would have outside of pro wrestling. 

"What kind of impact is this going to have if Brian Pillman flashes a gun on live TV and if they're making it, you know, like there's gunshots ringing out the house?"

He then compared the scene to an Alfred Hitchcock movie, in an attempt to rationalize the creative behind it. Unfortunately, no matter what WWE creative was going for, the mere sight of a gun on national television wasn't worth the effort that went into it.

"All those different things, with the trapped man in the wheelchair and his assailant coming to get him, and the wife in the house, and the screaming, and the lights going out," said Kelly. "When you look at the personalities involved, and what they were really trying to do ... But, again, a lot of it got taken away as soon as he flashes the gun. And that's what everybody –- especially USA [Network] -– freaked out about."


Kelly, in previous interviews, had stated that he was scared to death while filming the angle but admitted that the angle left an impact.

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