Mark Henry & Bully Ray Discuss Drew McIntyre's Beatdown Of CM Punk On WWE SmackDown

Drew McIntyre left CM Punk a bloody mess on the most recent "WWE SmackDown," attacking the former AEW World Champion off-screen and delivering his brutalized body in front of the crowd in Punk's hometown of Chicago, Illinois. On "Busted Open Radio," both Bully Ray and Mark Henry heaped praise on the segment, though Henry had his reservations.


"It's been a while since you seen CM Punk get beat up," Henry said. "He'll let us know how it happened, because straight up nuts-to-nuts, I don't see Punk getting drug like that. I think Drew caught him from behind and Drew took advantage of a good situation and made a great situation for him, and he took Punk and laid him at the feet of his fanbase. "

However, Henry doesn't feel the crowd was allowed the catharsis of Punk's beatdown, and that was a mistake.

"I can't say I would've done something different, but I still think that people needed to see me do something to him, not just drop him off," Henry said, advocating for McIntyre to throw Punk through a table or off a stage or something to get the crowd scared. "I want people to scream like a horror movie."


Bully Ray, on the other hand, felt the entire segment was perfect.

"I loved the imagery of the big [garage door] opening and you see CM Punk laying out," Bully gushed. "He just picked Punk up like a sack of potatoes."

Bully loved the entire production of the show's finale, with McIntyre making his way to the arena in one shot. Henry, however, was unmoved, and felt that McIntyre should've "degraded" Punk with his actions.

"It takes a special mentality to [be a heel]. You gotta have good to have that evil," Henry said, saying McIntyre needs to let go of his "nice guy" mentality and embrace his inner-villain. "You know who else did that? Me."