WWE SmackDown Results 6/28 - The Bloodline Hosts An Acknowledgement Ceremony, Money In The Bank Qualifiers

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE SmackDown" on June 28, 2024, coming to you live from Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York!

Carmelo Hayes, Chad Gable, Andrade, and Jey Uso have all secured their spots in the Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match while Chelsea Green, Lyra Valkyria, and IYO SKY have earned their spots in the Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match at WWE Money In The Bank on July 6. Tonight, three more entrants will join the field as United States Champion Logan Paul squares off with Santos Escobar and LA Knight in a Triple Threat Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifier while Jade Cargill collides with Tiffany Stratton and Candice LeRae, and Naomi takes on Indi Hartwell and Blair Davenport in a pair of Triple Threat Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifiers.


Jacob Fatu shocked Undisputed WWE Champion Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, and the WWE Universe last Friday on "SmackDown" when he blindsided the three men alongside Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga, and Tanga Loa to become the newest member of The Bloodline after Rhodes has defeated Sikoa via disqualification in the main event. Following such, The Bloodline will be hosting an acknowledgement ceremony as tensions between the rise of the group and Paul Heyman continue to be on the rise.

Additionally, World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest, former Bloodline member Jey Uso, WWE Women's Champion Bayley, and the aforementioned Rhodes are all advertised to be in town tonight on WWE's event page.

We are live! Wade Barrett and Corey Graves greet audiences at home before throwing it to a video recapping what happened during and prior to Jacob Fatu's WWE debut last week.


A Major Brawl Kicks Off The Show

We see The Bloodline pull up to MSG as Paul Heyman stands by. The group then makes their way down to the ring, but as they do, we see Cody Rhodes, Kevin Owens, and Randy Orton arrive at MSG. They storm down to ringside and begin brawling with The Bloodline down the ramp. Orton and Tama Tonga brawl at ringside as Owens and Loa brawl through teh crowd. Orton sends Tonga's head bouncing off the ring apron as Owens delivers a Swanton Bomb to Loa off a rail and through a table. Nick Aldis then runs down to the ring with a bunch of security guards to break things up.


Back from the break, Aldis tries getting Rhodes, Owens, and Orton calmed down now that The Bloodline has left ringside. A security guard slides in the ring, but Orton lands an RKO at him. Other security guards get in the ring, but Rhodes, Owens, and Orton clear the ring. Owens lands a Stunner on one of them, and Orton follows it up with a Stunner. Aldis storms to the back as Rhodes lands a Cross-Rhodes on another security guard.

Rhodes, Owens, and Orton then grab mics, and Owens tells The Bloodline they aren't waiting until Money In The Bank. Orton says he, Rhodes, and Owens will put The Bloodline down for good at Money In The Bank, and Rhodes says when The Bloodline looks at him, Owens, and Orton in the ring, they see three victims. He rattles off Orton, and Owens' accomplishments in WWE, and says he should be defending his Undisputed WWE Championship in MSG instead of fighting a war with The Bloodline he thought he finished at WrestleMania 40.


Aldis returns back to ringside, but this time, with referees and police officers. Rhodes sends a message to Solo Sikoa, and says he doesn't see a "Tribal Chief" in him, but rather a seat filler before he makes his way to the back with Owens and Orton as they are escorted by the police.

Back from the break, we see Aldis and the police officers escort Rhodes, Owens, and Orton to a car to drive them away from MSG. 

Back at ringside, Tiffany Stratton makes her way down to the ring. Candice LeRae and Jade Cargill follow.

Jade Cargill vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Candice LeRae in a Triple Threat Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and Cargill wastes no time firing off strikes on Stratton and LeRae. Stratton delivers a dropkick to Cargill's leg, and LeRae follows it up with a step-up senton. The pair then deliver a double suplex to Cargill and fire off stomps on her, then look to land a second double suplex. Cargill escapes and levels them both with a double clothesline, then delivers a backbreaker and sends Stratton crashing into the mat face first before connecting with a superkick on her and dumping LeRae on top of her on the outside. Nia Jax storms down to the ring and stares down Cargill, but Bianca Belair follows and the two begin yelling at each other.


Back from the break, LeRae delivers a Tornado DDT to Stratton off of Cargill and pins her. Cargill breaks the fall, and Stratton lands an Alabama Slam on LeRae in the corner. She lands a Handspring Back Elbow on Cargill and looks to land one on LeRae, but LeRae avoids it. Cargill lands a spinebuster on LeRae, but Stratton connects with a dropkick on Cargill.

LeRae fires off right and left hands on Stratton and Cargill, but Cargill sends Stratton and LeRae crashing into the opposite corners. Stratton sends Cargill crashing to the outside, and Jax taunts her. Belair gets in Jax's face, and the referee slides out of the ring to break the fall. Indi Hartwell takes advantage and sends Cargill crashing into the ring post, but Belair chases her to the back. Back in the ring, LeRae looks to take advantage and land a springboard moonsault on Stratton. Stratton gets her knees up and delivers Prettiest Moonsault Ever for the win.


Winner: Tiffany Stratton

Back from the break, we head over to Nick Aldis' office and see several Superstars approach him with different requests including The Street Profits and B-Fab who are looking to face The Bloodline. Pretty Deadly interrupts the meeting to announce that they will be debuting a musical before Montez Ford pitches a tag team match between The Street Profits and Pretty Deadly. Aldis makes it official.

Back at ringside, Santos Escobar makes his way out. LA Knight, Logan Paul, and Tyrese Haliburton follow, with Haliburton taking notice of Jalen Brunson in the crowd.

Logan Paul (w/ Tyrese Haliburton) vs. Santos Escobar vs. LA Knight in a Triple Threat Men's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and Knight wastes no time going after Escobar and Paul. Escobar and Paul then both fire off stomps on Knight, and Escobar lands a right hand on him. Paul pushes Escobar out of the way and lands an uppercut on Knight.


Escobar connects with a hurricanrana on Knight, but Paul lands a forearm on him and dumps him out of the ring. He then sends Knight crashing into the mat and goes for a pin, but Knight kicks out. Knight lands a dropkick on Escobar through the ropes, then delivers a knee over the top rope from the apron to Paul and fires off right hands on him. Paul sends Knight crashing into the mat and flies over the top rope with a crossbody to level Knight with a crossbody on the outside. Escobar then catches Paul with a tope suicida.

Back from the break, Knight sends Paul's head bouncing off the announce desk repeatedly. Escobar gets Knight back in the ring and charges at him, but Knight sees him coming and gets him up on his shoulders. He ascends to the top rope, but Escobar escapes and catches him with a hurricanrana. He goes for a pin, but Paul breaks the fall. Escobar then sends Knight crashing on top of Knight and pins both Escobar and Knight, but both men kick out.


Knight fires off right hands on Paul, then connects with a Russian Leg Sweep on him and a DDT to Escobar. Paul lands a standing Frog Splash on Escobar, but Knight sends him crashing into the mat. Escobar catches Knight with a jumping knee, but Knight lands a powerslam and an elbow drop on him. Knight lands a running knee on Paul, but Escobar catches Knight with the Phantom Driver. He goes for a pin, but Paul breaks the fall.

Paul delivers a forearm to Escobar in the corner and fires off chops on him. Escobar returns the favor and sits him on the top rope, then connects with an enzuigiri. Knight pulls Escobar off the ropes with a suplex, and Paul lands a Swanton Bomb off the top rope on Knight. He goes for a pin, but Knight kicks out.

Paul calls for Haliburton to get his brass knuckles for him and he does, but Brunson hops over the barricade and gets in his face. Officials diffuse the situation, allowing Escobar to land a pair of double knees on him. Knight then lands a BFT on Escobar, then rolls up Paul. Paul reverses the fall, but Knight changes the momentum once again to get the three count on Paul.

Winner: LA Knight

After the match, Paul and Haliburton circle Knight as Haliburton has the brass knuckles. Brunson slides in the ring with a chair in hand, and Paul and Haliburton back down.


Wade Barrett and Corey Graves then throw it to a tribute video to Sika Anoa'i following his death earlier this week.

Back from the break, Blair Davenport makes her way down to the ring. Naomi follows, and Indi Hartwell is already waiting inside the ring.

Naomi vs. Indi Hartwell vs. Blair Davenport in a Triple Threat Women's Money In The Bank Ladder Match Qualifier

The bell rings and Naomi lands a double dropkick on both Davenport and Hartwell. Hartwell and Davenport then overpower her, but Naomi looks to land a crossbody on them. Davenport and Hartwell catch her and send her crashing into the mat before Davenport rolls up Hartwell. Hartwell kicks out and gets in Davenport's face, then lands a powerbomb on Naomi. The three women end up on the outside, and Davenport sends Hartwell crashing over the ring steps. She then uses them to deliver a double stomp to Hartwell.


Back from the break, Naomi lands a kick on Davenport and delivers a neckbreaker to Hartwell as Hartwell delivers a DDT to Davenport. Nami ascends to the top and delivers a double crossbody to Davenport and Hartwell. She lands a neckbreaker on Hartwell and a split legged leg drop on her and Davenport. Noami lands forearms on Davenport and Hartwell in opposite corners, but Hartwell catches Naomi and Davenport with a pair of spinebusters and pins them both. They both kick out.

Naomi lands a split legged moonsault on Hartwell out of the corner, but Davenport connects with a Falcon Arrow on her and goes for a pin. Hartwell breaks the fall before all three women exchange forearms with one another. Davenport lands a kick on Naomi, but Hartwell catches her with a big boot. Davenport sends Naomi crashing into the corner face first, but Naomi looks to land a split legged moonsault on her. Davenport rolls out of the way, but Hartwell sends her crashing into the ring steps shoulder first and sends Naomi crashing into the barricade.


Jade Cargill appears at ringside, and sends Hartwell crashing into the ring post as payback for costing her earlier tonight. She gets her back in the ring, where Naomi delivers her finisher to her for the win.

Winner: Naomi

Back from the break, The Bloodline (minus Jacob Fatu) make their way down to the ring.

The Bloodline Hosts An Acknowledgement Ceremony

Paul Heyman introduces himself, but before he can continue, Solo Sikoa demands that he hand the mic over to him. Heyman obliges, and Sikoa introduces his "Enforcer", Jacob Fatu. Fatu then makes his way down to the ring.


Sikoa demands that MSG acknowledges him, then calls for Tama Tonga to step forward and acknowledge him and he does. Sikoa then calls for Tanga Loa and Jacob Fatu to do the same, and they oblige. Sikoa then stares down Heyman and demands that he acknowledges him. He extends his hand to him with a lei in it, and tells Heyman once again to acknowledge him as his "Tribal Chief". He hands the lei over to Heyman to place around his neck, and Heyman hesitates. Heyman then tells Sikoa he loves him, then acknowledges that he's not his "Tribal Chief".

Sikoa connects with a Samoan Spike on Heyman, then calls for Fatu to ascend to the top. Fatu does as he is told, and delivers a diving headbutt to Heyman. Fatu then clears the announce desk, then delivers a Triple Powerbomb to him through it with Tonga and Loa. Fatu then grabs the lei and puts it around Sikoa's neck, and The Bloodline stands tall holding up the One symbol as the show goes off the air.