The Undertaker Assesses WWE's Infamous Montreal Screwjob At Survivor Series 1997

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has shared his thoughts on the infamous Montreal Screwjob that occurred at Survivor Series 1997 and stated how WWE absolutely could not risk Bret Hart leaving the company still holding the World Championship. Speaking on his podcast "Six Feet Under," "The Phenom" went into detail about Hart's attitude after the Screwjob happened, recalling how loyal and reliable "The Hitman" had been up until that point.


"I know Bret was really bitter about it. Bret didn't want to leave, it was a money deal. He'd been a loyal soldier man, so there were so many feelings, everybody was just tapped out on the whole thing... You cannot, absolutely zero way can you take the chance, I'm gonna say he probably would have gone on TV and dropped it, but that doesn't do us any good. We can't have a guy vacate the title and then is going to the other show, it just doesn't work. It's our competition so you can't let him vacate the title and then go to the competition regardless if he didn't want to go or not he was still going." 

The Undertaker continued by describing how upset he was about the entire situation but understood that WWE had to do it. He believes there was no choice but to try to take the title off Hart. "The Deadman" also shared how disappointed he was about the five-time WWE Champion leaving because he considered "The Hitman" a good friend of his.


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