WWE NXT Results 7/2 - Major Street Fight, Roxanne Perez Meets Lola Vice Inside The Ring & More

Welcome to Wrestling Inc.'s results for "WWE NXT" on July 2, 2024, coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida!

A huge Street Fight is set for tonight, as OTM's Jaida Parker goes head-to-head with Michin of The OC. Tensions between Michin and Parker have meteorically risen over the course of the past few weeks, with the two women finding themselves in a handful of confrontations with one another dating back to the Six Woman Ladder Match to crown the inaugural Women's North American Champion at "NXT" Battleground.


With "NXT" Heatwave right around the corner this coming Sunday, titleholder Trick Williams and his challengers Ethan Page, Shawn Spears, and Je'Von Evans will be putting pen-to-paper for their "NXT" Championship match at the Premium Live Event. Evans earned the right to challenge Williams for the title when he won a 25 Man Battle Royal on the June 18 episode of "NXT". When Page and Spears expressed their objections with Evans' win after both feeling entitled to an "NXT" Championship match themselves, "NXT" General Manager Ava announced the Fatal Four-Way match.

Speaking of Heatwave, "NXT" Women's Champion Roxanne Perez will be putting her title on the line in Toronto, Ontario, Canada against Lola Vice. Before they collide for the title, however, they will be meeting in the ring one last time. Vice got the better of Perez last week when she leveled her and took her title from her.


Wendy Choo will be returning to action tonight for the first time since defeating Brinley Reece on the June 11 edition of "NXT" as she faces Carlee Bright. Reece herself will be competing in a match of her own tonight as she takes on Izzi Dame. Both Reece and Dame will surely be extra motivated to score a win after both accumulating a number of losses in televised and house show matches over the last few weeks.

Additionally, Joe Coffey looks to redeem himself after coming up short against Wes Lee last week as he joins forces with his Gallus stablemate Wolfgang to square off with Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont. New Catch Republic's Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne will also be going head-to-head with Hank Walker and Tank Ledger after the latter team requested to face the former team last week.

We are live! Vic Joseph and Booker T greet audiences at home as Jaida Parker makes her way down to the ring. Michin follows.

Jaida Parker vs. Michin in a Street Fight

The bell rings and Parker meets Muchin on the ramp with a kendo stick in hand. Michin lands a chop on Parker, then grabs a pipe and a chair from the garbage can she brought to the ring with her. She pulls out a kendo stick and a tool box from under the ring, then grabs a china and puts it in a sock. She looks to hit Parker with the chain, but Parker sees her coming and lands a chop on her.


Michin tosses a garbage can lid and a garbage can in the ring. Parker hits Michin with the garbage can lid in her midsection, then sends her crashing into the mat. Michin lands a German suplex on Parker, then removes her belt and lashes Parker with it. Parker drapes Michin through the middle turnbuckle, then sends Michin crashing on top of a garbage can. Michin then hits Parker in her midsection with a chair and sends her crashing into the ring post. She sts up three chairs, but Parker hits Michin across her spine with a chair.

Michin sits Parker on one of the three chairs, then looks to land a tope suicida on Parker. Parker moves out of the way, and Michin is sent crashing into the chair face first. Parker then charges at Michin, but Michin moves out of the way and Parker is sent crashing through the barricade.


Back from the break, Mihcin hits Parker with a bag full of nuts and bolts. She dumps them on a pile of chairs, then looks to send Parker crashing through them. Parker counters into a back body drop and goes for a pin, but Michin kicks out. Michin repeatedly cracks a kendo stick across Parker's spine and places a garbage can on Parker. She connects with a cannonball on Parker and pins her, but Parker kicks out.

Michin grabs a pipe, then looks to hit Parker with it. Parker counters with a fire extinguisher, then lands a running knee on Michin that sends them both crashing through the "NXT" set. Parker gets Michin in the ring and runs the ropes, then lands a Hip Attack for the win.

Winner: Jaida Parker

New Catch Republic then makes their way down to the ring. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger follow.

New Catch Republic vs. Hank Walker and Tank Ledger

Bate and Walker begin the action. The bell rings and the two bump hands. They then lock up and take turns pinning one another and locking each other in submission holds. Dunne tags in and lands a chop on Walker before Ledger tags in and runs Dunne over with a shoulder tackle.


Walker and Ledger land a double running splash on Dunne, but Dunne stomps on Ledger's hand. Bate tags in and flies over Dunne off the middle turnbuckle to level Ledger. Ledger delivers a flying shoulder tackle to Bate, but Bate lands a suplex on Ledger. Walker tags in and Bate gets him up on his shoulders. He lands an Airplane Spin on him, then kips up.

Back from the break, Dunne stomps on both of Ledger's hands. He fires off a few stomps on his face, then clocks Ledger. Ledger sends Dunne crashing into the mat, then tags in Walker. Walker lands a splash on Dunne in the corner, then sends him crashing into the top turnbuckle face first. He lands a boot on him, then gets Dunne up on his shoulders. Dunne escapes by locking in an arm submission on Walker.


Ledger tags in, and he double teams on Dunne with Walker. The action spills out of the ring, and Bate looks to fly to level Walker and Ledger. Walker and Ledger catch him, then send him crashing into Dunne. They then send Dunne and Bate crashing onto the floor. Walker then tags back in before he ascends to the top and looks to fly. Dunne catches him with a knee. Bate and Ledger tag in, and Dunne snaps Ledger's fingers. Bate levels Ledger with a rebound clothesline and a Tornado off the top rope for the win.

Winners: New Catch Republic

After the match, New Catch Republic shakes hands with Walker and Ledger.

Brinley Reece, Edris Enofe, and Malik Blade then make their way down to the ring. Izzi Dame follows.

Izzi Dame vs. Brinley Reece (w/ Edris Enofe and Malik Blade)

The bell rings and the two lock up. Dame lands a bodyslam on Reece, but Reece fires off forearms on Dame. She connects with a series of shoulder tackles on her, then delivers a clothesline. Tatum Paxley appears at ringside and stares down Dame. Reece takes advantage and rolls up Dame, but Dame kicks out. Reece gets Dame up on her shoulders, but Dame escapes and lands a boot on her. She then connects with a Falcon Arrow for the win.


Winner: Izzi Dame

We then head over to the Chase U classroom, where Duke Hudson voices his frustrations with Ridge Holland cheating. He gives Andre Chase proof in the form of a photograph, and Holland apologizes. Chase accepts his apology, but informs him that he will not be joining himself, Duke Hudson, Thea Hail, and Riley Osborne at Heatwave.

Back from the break, Lola Vice is waiting in the ring.

Roxanne Perez and Lola Vice Meet Inside The Ring

Vice tells Perez that the clock is ticking, then calls her down to the ring.

Perez makes her way down to the ring with two security guards. Vice asks Perez why she needs security with her, and Perez tells her that it's to make sure that she won't attack and steal the "NXT" Women's Championship from her. Perez then tells Vice she sees through her, and says that Heatwave will be the biggest match of Vice's career. She says Vice has made more of a name for herself in WWE in a few short months than she ever did in Bellator, and says Vice isn't the same woman who cashed in her Women's Breakout Contract on her. Perez that it will be a wrestling match on Sunday and not a MMA fight, and says it's her world rather than Vice's. She says she will make Vice wrestle her kind of match.


Vice tells Perez that she's a fighter, and says that everyone knows Perez's story and not her own. Vice recalls going into MMA to provide for her family, and says at 20, she was fighting at Madison Square Garden. She says her mother will be watching her on Sunday, and she's looking forward to calling her mother and telling her that she's the new "NXT" Women's Champion.

Perez says she didn't know any of that, and says she respects Vice's story. She says the reality is that every woman in the "NXT" locker room wants to make the same phone call that she does. She says while she's the titleholder, those phone calls are never made. She says she's building a legacy as a two time "NXT" Women's Champion, and says she won't be giving up her title.


Vice says Perez doesn't need to give her any title because she'll take it from her. She says she smiled when Perez gave her the best shot she could while Perez crumbled when she gave her the best shot she could. She vows to rip the "NXT" Women's Championship off her arm, then stares down Perez. Perez's security steps in front of Perez, but Vice connects with the 305 on one of the guards.

No Quarter Catch Crew then makes their way down to the ring. Meta-Four follows.

Oro Mensah (w/ Lash Legend and Jakara Jackson) vs. Myles Borne (w/ No Quarter Catch Crew)

The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking in submission holds on one another before Mensah lands a single leg dropkick on Borne off the top rope. Mensah connects with a forearm on Borne's spine, but Borne catches Mensah with a jumping neckbreaker.


Back from the break, Borne lands a forearm on Mensah. Mensah responds with one of his own, and the two continue going back and forth landing them on one another. Mensah lands a kick on Borne's face, then connects with a springboard moonsault and a suplex. Borne lands a dropkick on Mensah, and Damon Kemp looks to hand him a pair of brass knuckles. Dempsey asks him what he's doing, opening the door for Mensah to land a roundhouse kick on Borne for the win.

Winner: Oro Mensah

We then head backstage and see Gallus brawling with Tyriek Igwe and Tyson DuPont.

Back from the break, Brinley Reece tells Edris Enofe and Malik Blade to tell her if they don't want her around.

Back at ringside, Carlee Bright and Kendal Grey make their way down. Wendy Choo follows.


Wendy Choo vs. Carlee Bright (w/ Kendal Grey)

The bell rings and Bright wastes no time firing off forearms on Choo. They then go back and forth before Bright lands another forearm on Bright. Choo jams her knee into the back of Bright's neck, then delivers a neck crank and rakes her spine. She whips Bright into the corner, then drapes her by her knees off the top turnbuckle and lands a dropkick. She goes for a pin, but Bright kicks out. Bright lands a hurricanrana on Choo, then delivers a dropkick to her. She looks to land a standing moonsault, but Choo gets her knees up. She connects with a clothesline on her and locks in a Sleeper. Bright taps.


Winner: Wendy Choo

Jazmyn Nyx and Jacy Jayne then make their way down to the ring. 

Back from the break, we see Shawn Michaels address the recent Brooks Jensen controversy. He invites Jensen to a sit down with Ava next week.

Back at ringside, Karmen Petrovic makes her way out.

Karmen Petrovic vs. Jazmyn Nyx (w/ Jacy Jayne)

The bell rings and the two lock up. They take turns locking one another in submission holds before Petrovic lands a Blockbuster on Nyx. Nyx lands a kick on Petrovic's midsection, then lands a neckbreaker on her and delivers a Shining Wizard. We see Fallon Henley watch the action from backstage as Nyx wears Petrovic down with a submission. Petrovic escapes with a pinfall, but Nyx kicks out. Petrovic lands a bulldog on Nyx. Jayne then distracts the referee, opening the door for Nyx to land a Pele Kick on Petrovic for the win.


Winner: Jazmyn Nyx

Back from the break, Trick Williams makes his way down to the ring. Je'Von Evans, Shawn Spears, and Ethan Page are already waiting inside.

Trick Williams, Ethan Page, Shawn Spears and Je'Von Evans Put Pen-To-Paper For Their Heatwave NXT Championship Match

Williams says a Heatwave is coming to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He says the people there will be chanting "Whoop That Trick". Page cuts him off and says Williams will bring the same energy whether it's a singles match or a Fatal Four-Way. He says Williams is the hottest thing in WWE, but he saw that swagger in him. He says he saw that same swagger at "NXT" Battleground, but says Heatwave won't be the same as Battleground. He reminds Williams he doesn't have to beat him to become the new "NXT" Champion.


Williams tells Page that the odds don't favor him, but his back is always against the wall. He says that Page is always bringing up his resume, but he has a resume of his own and he will add another win to it on Sunday. Spears tells Williams that he admires his emotion, but says that his emotion allowed him to defeat him last week and will be what allows him to win the "NXT" Championship at Heatwave.

Evans signs the contract as he gets into it with Spears on the mic. Spears then signs the contract, and tells Evans he's like any sports team that is happy to be there and can't win the finals. Evans admits to being nervous about Sunday, but says he's also excited because when he walks into Heatwave, everyone will know him. Evans asks Spears how much time he's spent as "NXT" Champion, then tells him that he'll show him what an "NXT" Champion really looks like when he walks out of Heatwave as the new titleholder.


Spears hands the contract to Williams and Page as he asks Williams how he asks about what Evans just said. Page signs the contract, and says he doesn't like Williams or Evans' odds very much. Williams says it will be every man for themself on Sunday, then tells Evans that while he likes him, he can't take the "NXT" Championship from him as is the case for Page and Spears.

Spears, Page, and Evans then begin arguing with one another. Spears then shoves Evans as Page fires off right hands on Williams. Williams lands a flapjack on Page through the table as Evans powerbombs Spears through the other one. Williams and Evans then stare one another down as the show goes off the air.