Corey Graves Describes How WWE Commentary Has Changed Under Triple H

Recently, on Corey Graves' "After The Bell" Podcast, Graves shared his thoughts on how calling the action as a commentator for WWE is under Triple H. Graves said, "I love the cliffhangers, the elements of surprise, you gotta keep people guessing."


Graves also provided his signature commentary on some of the most recent changes in the world of WWE. "Not everything needs to be a surprise, because not everything is going to captivate you in that way," Graves explained. "But right now, in the past few weeks, I am having more fun calling Monday Night "Raw" because I loved being surprised." 

Of course, Graves is referring to the surprise returns to WWE that have come from Triple H. So far, these returns have included Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, and Dexter Lumis. There have also been surprise returns from stars who were already in the company including Bayley and Iyo Sky.

"I prefer not to have any clue as to what's happening on the show," Graves said. "I get to react, I get to be a fan, I get play the role of a super knowledgeable wrestling fan, rather than snarky bad guy announcer." Ever since retiring from his in-ring career in "NXT" and coming up to "Raw" and "SmackDown" as a commentator, Graves has always played the heel commentator role. Usually, he is heard backing up and justifying heel-ish tactics used by "bad guy" wrestlers, and antagonizing fellow commentator, Byron Saxton.