Booker T Has Not Missed Released WWE Star

Recently on Booker T's podcast, "The Hall Of Fame," the five-time former WCW World Champion took the opportunity to talk about former WWE Universal Champion, Braun Strowman.  

"You know, I haven't missed Braun Strowman," Booker T said with a laugh. He continued on saying, "Out of sight, out of mind. If you're gone from TV for more than a significant amount of time, people forget you just like that." Strowman, whose release in 2021 was met with surprise, had just been Universal Champion the year prior. Right before his release, Strowman was involved in a storyline with Drew McIntyre and then-WWE Champion, The Almighty Bobby Lashley. 

Since his release, The Monster Among Men has been on TV — in a way. Strowman and former Impact World Champion, Ethan Carter III (or EC3), started an independent wrestling company called Control Your Narrative, where Strowman makes regular appearances. Strowman also made a special appearance at Ring of Honor in December 2021, just a few months shy of Tony Khan's buyout in early 2022.

Booker went on to compare Strowman's exit to his own career. Back in 2001, his former employer, WCW was bought out by Vince McMahon. "I'm going to keep rolling, because the iron is hot, and I gotta keep it rolling," Booker T said. He went on to explain his mindset after WCW shut down. "I could've sat at home and just keep collecting money, just like an ATM, but I said 'I got to make this work.'"