Billy Corgan Confirms How Much Of The NWA Library He Actually Owns

Billy Corgan purchased the NWA in 2017 and will be celebrating five years as the official owner of the promotion on October 1. However, just because Corgan owns the company does not mean that he has full access to all tapes from its 70-plus year history. "I don't own any part of the NWA library," Corgan said to NBC Sports Boston. "The NWA in its heyday was probably owned by seven different companies, so most of those libraries are owned by the WWE. There are some other libraries that aren't owned by the WWE, but those people don't intend on selling. I control what is called the NWA Houston Library, but I have not yet exploited that."


The NWA has been around since 1948, with the first NWA Worlds Champion, Orville Brown, being crowned on July 14. Since the inception of the company, the NWA Worlds Championship has seen many great champions hold the prestigious ten pounds of gold such as Lou Thesz, Harley Race, Dusty Rhodes, and Ric Flair.

WWE owns an insanely large library of content including, but not limited to, WWE, WCW, and ECW events from the past. The company owns the latter two due to the fact that they were able to buy both libraries as their competition went under. WWE does not go out of their way to promote any NWA events, however, they do have some shows available on Peacock in America and WWE Network elsewhere that have been put on by NWA. NWA holds their next big event, NWA 74, on August 27 and 28, with the second night being headlined by Trevor Murdoch defending the NWA Worlds Title against Tyrus.


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