Eric Bischoff Makes Prediction About AEW's Future With Warner Bros Discovery

Eric Bischoff has an optimistic outlook for AEW. Time Warner and Discovery merged with one another in April and it once again created speculation as to how AEW will be perceived by a new television regime. On a special "After 83 Weeks" Q&A episode, he calmed the waves of concern that AEW may be on the chopping block after multiple high-profile TV show and movie cancellations. "I'm probably more convinced than most anybody that's not in the company, AEW's going to be fine," Bischoff said. "Here's what I'll be looking for, here's my indicator: at the upfronts, after the first of the year, how prevalent is AEW being promoted to advertisers during the upfronts?"

"I think that will be one of, if not the biggest indicator of what's going to happen in 2024," he said before noting other hints fans can keep eyes on. "If you start seeing more promotion across the networks. Just random commercials, promotion and you start seeing more and more, that's a good sign. If you start seeing any of their ancillary programming getting green-lit, that's another good sign." While Bischoff's positive tone runs in stark contrast to his recent bashing of Tony Khan's AEW booking, the former executive is well-aware of how television mergers can effect the pro wrestling landscape as he was on deck as WCW President for the beginnings of the merger of AOL and Time Warner. Matters didn't go as well for WCW, but there is something that's universal when it comes to having a pro wrestling product on your channel. "You can't get cheaper programming than professional wrestling that draws a [good] number."