Kevin Owens Confronts Sami Zayn After WWE SmackDown In Montreal

Last night, "WWE SmackDown" star Sami Zayn took part in the Intercontinental Championship Number One Contender's match. The contest was ultimately won by Sheamus, but it wouldn't be the last the Montreal crowd saw of Zayn, as the hometown hero appeared in the main event segment to take a Claymore kick from Drew McIntyre, his second in as many weeks. Zayn was attempting to come to the aid of Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns, but the show went off the air with McIntyre standing tall.

Another notable event took place after the cameras turned off, however — an event that was shared by @AmandaCaliber on Twitter. Standing in the ring in the wake of McIntyre's attack, Zayn was surprisingly joined by Kevin Owens, a fellow Quebec native and Zayn's longtime wrestling frenemy. When Owens joined Zayn in the ring, the fans erupted into cheers and "Ole" chants, a reference to Zayn's character on the independent scene, El Generico. The two men were clearly beloved by the fans in Montreal, whose cheers rang out loud over the stands.

When the crowd settled down enough that he could be heard, Owens admitted he wouldn't have been in WWE if it wasn't for Zayn, prompting a "Thank you, Sami" chant. But Owens wasn't finished.

"You're way too good to be Roman Reigns' b*tch," Owens told Zayn. "You're too good to be anyone's b*tch." Over the last several months, Zayn has been the low man in the pecking order of Roman Reigns' Bloodline stable, which Owens seems to slowly be getting involved with.

Zayn responded by saying he's "nobody's b*tch," but as things between the two began to get heated, current "WWE Raw" star Riddle came out and suggested the two hug it out. Zayn and Owens were hesitant at first, but in the end, they did just that, sending the fans home happy.