Cardi B Names WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Couple She Loved

Cardi B might be busy taking over the music world, but one of her big passions is professional wrestling, and the hip-hop artist isn't afraid to share that with her fans, as she has previously name dropped Jimmy Snuka in her single "Hot S***." More recently, after seeing a tweet from a fan who was reflecting on the partnership between Edge and Lita from the Ruthless Aggression Era, Cardi B took to Twitter to explain her love for the Hall Of Fame pair.


"I used to love them," she tweeted. "They was such a sexy ass couple ...This was truly my WWE era ...even tho I was a Trish Stratus girl I used to love this couple."

Edge and Lita began pairing together on-screen in 2005 after their real-life affair was made public knowledge, creating a memorable feud between Edge and Lita's former boyfriend, Matt Hardy, in the process. The partnership between Edge and Lita helped to take the Rated-R Superstar to the next level as a performer, as he claimed his first WWE Championship during that time, becoming an established main-eventer. 

Despite Cardi B's love for the couple, Edge and Lita would eventually split up, with the 11-time World Champion now married to another professional wrestler, Beth Phoenix. 


As for the musical artist herself, she was rumored to be the host of WWE SummerSlam in 2021 when the company was in Las Vegas, with Nick Khan having previously stated that WWE has looked at her as an option, but that never came to be. She also once got into an online Twitter spat with WWE superstar Lacey Evans, showcasing that she can hang with the talent of today when it comes to taking shots.