Nick Dinsmore Discusses How Fans Reacted To His WWE Eugene Character

Nick Dinsmore has left a legacy in wrestling that reaches out far beyond the squared circle, in large part due to his portrayal of an intellectually disabled character. Eugene was introduced as Eric Bischoff's nephew, and while he was a comedy character, he would go on to have big matches against main-eventers such as Triple H and Randy Orton. The former Eugene joined his "uncle" Bischoff on a special episode of "83 Weeks," looking back on what could be considered a polarizing role.

"I've received so much positive affirmation. I've never been criticized by anybody," Dinsmore said, who played the Eugene character from 2004 to 2007. While he admitted there was some public negativity at first, it evaporated quickly.

"The minute Eugene won his first match it was, 'Oh this is an underdog story about a boy trying to achieve his dream.' Odds are always against this guy but he finally got a break, and he's doing good. And I've received so much, 'Thank you for being Eugene. My younger brother is special as well and he saw you he told me he can do anything. He knows he can do it because Eugene did.' I've received that story so much, over and over. Every time it chokes me up and I'm very humbled, just thank you so much, because I don't know what to say, but I'm honored that I can play a part in those people's lives that can give someone inspiration ... I know Eugene was a success because I've gotten so much, 'Thank you for doing it, you were an inspiration. You were an example for a cross-section of America that might not get represented in the media.'"

The Eugene character was originally inspired by the late Eugene Palmero, who passed away earlier this month.