AEW Dynamite Results (8/24): Unified AEW World Champion Crowned, Garcia & Jericho Confrontation

This is Wrestling INC.'s results coverage of "Dynamite" for August 24, 2022!

Tonight's show is set to be historic in Cleveland, OH, with one of the most important main event matches in the history of AEW, with CM Punk set to make his first in-ring performance since returning from injury. He will be competing against Jon Moxley in that match where both of their respective AEW World Championships on the line as they collide in a major unification match to determine who the true champion is. 

Stablemates Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia are set to meet face-to-face in the ring tonight, as the two men look to settle their issues from last week. Garcia ended up pushing the Jericho Appreciation Society leader after he tried to attack Bryan Danielson following the two-out-of-three falls match, which showcased some tension between them, and tonight the wrestling veteran wants to know which side the 'Dragon Slayer' is truly on. 

Elsewhere fans can expect to hear from former FTW Champion Ricky Starks as he will respond to the comments made by his former partner Powerhouse Hobbs last week. From the women's division, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D is going to be in action as she goes one on one with KiLynn King, who is fresh from her defeat against Toni Storm. 

FTR's Dax Harwood is going to be competing in singles action against one of his opponents at the upcoming All Out PPV, Jay Lethal, while Billy Gunn's family issues are set to continue when he goes up against his son Colten Gunn after he and his brother turned on the former D Generation X member last week. Finally, the last pre-announced segment will see the AEW World Trio's Championship Tournament continue as Death Triangle (AEW All-Atlantic Champion PAC, Rey Fénix, and Penta Oscuro) battle Will Ospreay and the Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis).

Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia Face Off

Chris Jericho kicks off "AEW Dynamite" and he brings out Daniel Garcia. He believes that they can get things worked out quickly here, and all Garcia needs to do is apologize. The younger wrestler says Jericho knew how special that moment was for him, for Garcia to share the ring with his hero, Bryan Danielson and people are calling it the greatest "Dynamite" match of all time, and he was able to hang with him for 30 minutes. 

Garcia says that match is what he dreamed of having, and he can only hope there is someone watching at home that now wants to have that type of match. He says when Bryan asked for a sign of respect, he didn't care if people called him a wrestler or a sports entertainer, he cared about that moment and Jericho ruined it for him. Jericho then says he is sorry that Garcia feels that way, but he believes there will be more moments for like that for the greatest technical sports entertainer in the world, which gets "you're a wrestler" chant. 

Before Garcia gets to make a further comment, Danielson himself comes to the ring and says that he can see Garcia's mentor is trying to bully him. He respects them wrestling last week, and he agrees with the people, and Garcia says he can't make a decision right here and he tells Jericho to leave him alone. Chris then pulls Garcia as he tries to leave, and that leads to Garcia shoving him to the floor as he then leaves. 

Danielson then says that was pretty entertaining, and he says that it p*sses him off when fans say Bryan's the best in the world, yet he hasn't seen it once, and he is the last survivor of Stu Hart's dungeon and is the Lionheart, claiming to know more about wrestling than Bryan ever will. 

 Danielson then wonders who Hart would pick as the best wrestler, or his hero Owen Hart, and he then questions who would win a match tonight. Jericho says they can have one, but it will happen at All Out, and he tells him to watch his back, and the American Dragon then gets attacked by Jake Hager, who plants him in the ring.

Jay Lethal vs. Dax Harwood

The two men kickstart going back and forth in this one as they exchange chops early on until Dax Harwood drops Jay Lethal and then throws him face-first into the corner before another sharp chop. Lethal then showcases his experience by dropping Dax down on his back, and then it is his time to start throwing chops as Harwood then gets sent sternum first into the corner. 

Harwood fights his way back and sits Lethal on the top turnbuckle, but as he tries to suplex him down, Lethal throws him face-first to the mat. But the FTR member reverses Lethal's attempt at aerial offense and follows it up with several German suplexes. Jay fires back with Lethal Combination, which gets him a near fall, but he then eats several slaps to the face from Harwood. 

He tries to get back in the ring but Lethal stops him with a dragon screw and follows it with a tope suicida! Lethal gets Harwood straight back into the ring and the Figure Four Leglock is placed in until Harwood grabs hold of the bottom rope. Lethal attempts the submission again, but this time Harwood rolls through with a small package which almost catches him out. 

Lethal kicks out and kicks Harwood's knee as he aims for Lethal Injection, but that is reversed into a slingshot powerbomb/Liger bomb combination which creates another close fall. Harwood then locks in the Sharpshooter and pulls Lethal away from the ropes, but Sonjay Dutt then gets on the apron, but Harwood collides heads with him which almost allows Lethal to get a roll-up.

Harwood then hits a crossbody, and yet another close fall takes place, with the two men then throwing hands once more until Harwood goes for a roll-up, yet Lethal reverses and grabs the trunks to get the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal 

Dutt then says that he said it would be a trios match at All Out, but he didn't say *who* would be on his team, and it's then revealed Lethal will be partnered by ... Motor City Machine Guns!

Major AEW Women's Championship News

Tony Schiavone is then shown backstage with Thunder Rosa who is in tears, and she announces she has to step down because of an injury. At All Out there will be an Interim AEW Women's Champion, and she wishes Toni Storm look. Rosa then reveals she will be returning with an even bigger chip on her shoulder. It is then stated on commentary that the match will be a four-way. 

Colten Gunn vs. Billy Gunn

Of course, beforehand we get a rap from The Acclaimed which includes a reference to today's AEW talent meeting. When the match kickstart it is Billy Gunn who dominates with his strength, and he sends his son out of the ring only to hit the turnbuckles as he begins scissoring Anthony Bowens. Billy then heads to the outside and begins attacking Colten's shoulder which is all taped up. 

He continues the attack on his son, launching Colten into the guardrail, but as he gets back into the ring a distraction from Austin Gunn allows his brother to attack, but it doesn't take long for the veteran to regain control with his aggression as he beats down on him in the corner. Outside of the ring Stokely Hathaway uses the boombox to attack The Acclaimed, with Austin helping him out, this distracts the official and allows Colten to hit a low blow and Colt 45 for the win. 

Winner: Colten Gun

After the match, Stokely hands Gunn Club his business cards and they seemingly accept the offer and then begin a post-match attack until the AEW Tag Team Champions arrive, which sends them running.

Schiavone is then shown with Aussie Open/Will Ospreay and Death Triangle as Will Ospreay says they have one mission, which is more gold. PAC claims they've been waiting far too long for this opportunity, and they've decided they're not going to kill them...they're going to murder them.

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D vs. KiLynn King

Britt Baker comes out of the gate strong with a sling blade, and she follows it by attacking KiLynn King in the corner, but she avoids the next attack with a sharp kick to the stomach. She tries to charge into the corner, but Baker slams on the brakes and drops King down across her knee before yanking her opponent by the arms while pushing her face onto the steel ring post. 

Baker looks to go for a stomp but King baits her in and then hits a big boot before throwing her across the ring, she then slams Baker down again but the former champion is able to kick out. Britt then sends King into the turnbuckle and follows up with a thrust kick, another shot, and then the stomp. Following that Baker sets up the Lockjaw in order to secure the victory. 

Winner: Britt Baker

After the match, she gets on the microphone and says she wrestled her entire title run with a broken wrist because that is what a champion does. She then says Toni Storm will finally be on a PPV when someone gives a damn, as she's in the ring with her, and that leads to Storm marching to the ring, only for Jamie Hayter to appear from behind to attack her. Hikaru Shida then appears to make the save, running off the heels with her kendo stick. 

The Interim AEW World Championship match at All Out will be – Toni Storm vs. Hikaru Shida vs. Britt Baker vs. Jamie Hayter

Schiavone is then backstage with the AEW Tag Team Champions and The Acclaimed, they don't mind saving them as they love The Acclaimed. Keith Lee says they saved them because they think they'd be worthy opponents at All Out, but Max Caster says they don't need help as they're the best homegrown team in AEW, and Bowens says at All Out they're taking the titles.

Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk - AEW World Championship Unification Match

The two men start out with a lock-up, but Jon Moxley quickly starts firing in shots only for CM Punk to respond by slapping him as he then fires knees into his opponent in the corner. Moxley connects with a headbutt and Punk responds with a roundhouse kick, but he immediately goes down and starts selling his foot injury, the doctor appears but Punk walks into a King Kong lariat, and then the classic elbows to the head that he's known for. 

Moxley pulls at the injured ankle and connects with the Death Rider, leaving Punk laying, he hits another one and just like that, this one is over. 

Winner (and Undisputed AEW World Champion): Jon Moxley

After the match Moxley heads to the crowd in order to celebrate with the title, meanwhile CM Punk has to be helped to the back.

Tony Schiavone is then shown backstage with Christian Cage, who says that Jungle Boy will never be as smart as him, and he says he has seen it all and done it all. He claims at All Out, Jungle Boy will see why he's not in his league as he accepts the challenge.

Ricky Starks then makes his way out to the ring, and he says he hasn't been in the best of moods as he is hurt and p*ssed off, from Team Taz being over, The Factory, and Powerhouse Hobbs turning on him. He's got veterans saying this is showbiz, but he thought he'd be the exception as Hobbs would ring him every day last year when he broke his neck, while he says Hobbs was the background player until he brought him to his table, if he found a spot he made sure it was big enough for them both. 

Starks says Hobbs him in his neck, and he knows he was close to losing all of this again. He considered him a friend but now he considers him a snake, and where he's from he cuts the head off snakes, and he tells Hobbs to fight him at All Out.

Jon Moxley is backstage and he asks if that wasn't how it was supposed to go? Those who are writing him off are those that pointed out he was Interim Champion, and he says he is not just some guy, he is THE guy in this industry. He doesn't follow any rules and people ask when it will be his time, and is telling everyone that his time is right now.

United Empire vs. Death Triangle (World Trios Championship Tournament Match)

Will Ospreay and Rey Fenix kick things off showcasing their pace and agility, going back and forth, but Ospreay then nails him with a boot to the face and all six men come in and do the same to each other before they staredown and fight. Fenix hits a double cutter to Aussie Open, and Ospreay is dropped with a major double back body drop and all of Death Triangle soar outside to take them down.

Death Triangle then takes control of Will as Fenix connects with a big slap, and while they dominate, Ospreay then showcases his quality by taking out Fenix's partners as Aussie Open then connects with the rocket launcher to Rey by launching Ospreay into him. The tag team then works together and almost get the win, with Mark Davis then hammering down elbow strikes to Fenix. 

Pentagon then comes in and instantly starts lighting things up against the two men, with Davis eating a superkick only for Ospreay to come in with a corkscrew kick and then a double team from Aussie Open but Fenix breaks up the fall. On the outside, Fenix and Pac then get dumped down while Davis keeps dominating Penta inside the ring. Ospreay tags in and then he just stands on the head of the masked man as he attempts to take it off afterward and then a delayed vertical suplex.

Pac then comes in and he drops Ospreay, and when they slide outside the two tag teams begin brawling in the middle as they trade tandem superkicks but as they face off Ospreay and Pac hit double posionrana's in tandem. The Englishman then face off and they begin throwing hands, and the two then trade moves back and forth as Ospreay rolls through a German suplex to hit the Oscutter and they're all down.

They then end up at the top rope as Pac nails an avalanche brainbuster at the top of the turnbuckle as the two teams begin fighting on the floor. Ospreay hits a spinning backbreaker while Fletcher hits a brainbuster to Fenix on the floor. Back on top of the turnbuckle, Pac fights Ospreay down and looks for a Black Arrow but Ospreay cuts it off and they head back up until Fenix hits a kick to separate them again.

Fenix then launches Ospreay from the top rope but he lands on his feet only for Fenix to connect with a cutter and Lucha Underground takes out Aussie Open. Back in the ring, Pac goes for Black Arrow but the knees are up and Ospreay almost gets a near fall! All of the teams then head to the ring to fight, but Pac then gets caught from the top rope as Ospreay hits a DDT.

He looks for the Black Arrow once again, but this time to the ring post and he flips backward to wipe out Aussie Open. He then locks eyes with Kip Sabian who is under the box at ringside, and Pac unboxes the person, but it's not Kip, it's someone who looks like they've been kidnapped, but Sabian appears from behind and drops Pac onto the floor. Inside the ring, Davis hits a huge lariat to Fenix as Penta is taken out and Ospreay connects with the Oscutter that is assisted to advance.

Winners: United Empire

After the match, Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks appear as the two sets of teams stare each other down.