Kenny Omega Burns Will Ospreay In Dark Promo Following AEW Dynamite

It looks like we'll be getting Kenny Omega vs. Will Ospreay next week. At least in trios action.

With the help of Kip Sabian, Ospreay and The Aussie Open advanced in the AEW Trios Championship Tournament against Death Triangle, but what happened post-match caught the eyes of the fans in attendance in Cleveland, OH. Kenny Omega closed the show by staring down Ospreay and after "Dynamite's" cameras went dark, The Cleaner got on the mic to share a few words with the NJPW star for the benefit of the live crowd.

"Thank these people for giving us their time tonight," Omega commanded, referring to the fans. "Now that you guys are in the big leagues, that's just one of your daily duties. See if you can handle the responsibility, Will. Hopefully, you can handle it a little better than filling my shoes in New Japan."

Ospreay got on the mic afterward and threw some jabs at Omega, questioning both his current physique — Omega returned wearing a shirt — and his recent injury history, calling Omega a "fragile little b**ch." But Omega wasn't done either, saying he wasn't impressed by Ospreay's work, saying he's lost to Okada before, too. Then he gave Ospreay some parting shots.

"Maybe I shouldn't have given you a pair of shoes, when you still haven't grown out of your diapers," Omega said before sarcastically saying that there's "no heat" between the two. Of course, the feud between Ospreay and Omega has been brewing for quite some time, and took a different tone earlier this month when AEW issued a Cease and Desist order against Ospreay for a t-shirt he produced playing off of Omega.