Roman Reigns On Whether He'd Ever Do A Podcast

Roman Reigns loves chopping it up with his cousins. Reigns recently spoke with the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, and the topic of a podcast came up. Could the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion see himself hosting a podcast someday? "Why not?" Reigns answered. "I talk for a living. So why wouldn't I just want to sit down and have a discussion." Reigns notes that he's done numerous podcast and interview appearances but hasn't "been on the other side of them." 

The lack of experience is no deterrent; Reigns says he could see himself "either just BS-ing with [his] crew or interviewing people." No matter the format though, Reigns says that he and his cousins would be "ready to go tomorrow" if the opportunity arose.

"It'd probably be ridiculous and we'd either get cancelled," Reigns chuckled, "or everyone would finally know that these guys are idiots. 'No wonder they're wrestlers, they're just big kids.'" Reigns said that a podcast would be a good way to reach out and share his experiences with fans, reiterating that anything that enhances the experience for the fans is worth looking into. During the interview, Reigns also said that manager and longtime family friend Paul Heyman would be a great podcast host, saying that Heyman "sets himself up to be the best" in all of his endeavors.

Seemingly at the top of the proverbial mountain, he is already part-time in WWE and Reigns may follow his cousin Dwayne Johnson to Hollywood. Reigns already had a cameo appearance in Johnson's film, "Hobbes & Shaw," is a spinoff of the "Fast & Furious" franchise.