SiriusXM Punts The Pat McAfee Show Off Its Airwaves

"WWE SmackDown" commentator Pat McAfee spoke with The New York Post about how "The Pat McAfee Show" will no longer be heard on SiriusXM. The show had been broadcast on SiriusXM's Mad Dog Sports Radio channel since September 2020, though with over 1.93 million subscribers, the show is still available to stream on YouTube.

On Monday, Chris "Mad Dog" Russo broke the news of the split between McAfee and SiriusXM. McAfee told The Post that SiriusXM never made an offer to continue their partnership and there are "no ill feelings" between the two.

"Sirius doesn't provide any information on who/if anybody listens, so all of our business agreements with our other fantastic partners has been done strictly off of our YouTube and social media presences so it legitimately affects nothing other than we won't be able to be listened to by whomever was potentially listening on SiriusXM," McAfee told The Post.

Last December, the former Indianapolis Colts punter signed a $120 million deal with FanDuel to sponsor his show.

WWE hired MacAfee to do commentary for "SmackDown" in April 2021. Before that, he made a number of appearances in "NXT" as a wrestler, manager, and panelist. Back in July, McAfee signed a multiyear extension with the company. McAfee last wrestled at SummerSlam, when he defeated Happy Corbin. He also wrestled at WrestleMania 38 against Theory and former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon.