Karen Jarrett's Son Shaved His Head To Be More Like AEW Star

Karen Jarrett's son, Kody (born to Karen's previous husband, Kurt Angle) already has a pretty good idea of who he wants to model himself after.

Kody Angle is 15 years old, and Jarrett says he already knows that he wants to be an in-ring performer. During an interview on "Insight with Chris Van Vliet," Jarrett discussed how AEW star Jay Lethal has influenced her son.

"Kody shaved his head, went into his bathroom and got like a trimmer thing, shaver thing that was my grandfather's, shaved his head to be like Jay Lethal," Jarrett revealed. "When he grasps onto something, he's all in." Lethal recently teamed with Kody's stepdad, Jeff Jarrett, to take on Ric Flair and Andrade El Idolo for Flair's final match.

It's clear that Kody has wrestling royalty on his side — both his biological father and his adopted one are WWE Hall of Famers. Karen says Kody has already made up his mind on who he wants to train with, however, and it isn't who you might expect.

"I think he's learned so much from Jeff already," she explained. "I'm sure Jeff will be a part of it and he'll be there, and now there's a ring five minutes from our house. Thomas Latimer trains with some of the people there. That's who Kody wants to train him. He wants to go there and then he wants to go stay in Florida and he wants to have Jay train him. He's got everything planned out."

In the interview, Jarrett also noted that she won't allow Kody to begin training until he's 18 years old. Jarrett said that she will support her son, but admitted that she's nervous, because being a performer in the wrestling business is a "hard life."