Ricky Starks Addresses Whether Michael Jackson Inspired One Of His Signature AEW Taunts

AEW star Ricky Starks has his own special swagger when he comes out to the ring each week on television. Mix his "the revolution is televised" theme song with the retro intro graphic, add a dash of the classy button downs and turtle necks he sometimes wears, and finish with a few epic poses and you have Starks — one of the most promising young stars AEW has to offer. But on the subject of his posing, what inspired Starks to do his signature stance where he tucks his head into one hand while flaring out his opposite hand? Contrary to what some believe, it isn't intended to be an homage to Michael Jackson tipping his hat. 

"I am not a Michael Jackson fan. I am a Prince fan," Starks told Bleacher Report. "If anything, not to say MJ isn't good, but anything past 'Off The Wall' I do not care for. My taunt came from when I was younger. I would grab my head when I was feeling good about myself, or some food was good. I saw a picture of it recently and it kind of stuck when I started doing it. It's just one of those moments you feel when you're doing something good and feeling right."

Rather than a pop song or musical inspiration for the gesture, Starks disclosed the true inspiration behind his gesture."It's like one of those statue poses in the Greek or Roman era."