Bryce Remsburg Discusses His AEW Backstage Role

Bryce Remsburg has been one of the go-to referees in AEW for big matches. Remsburg has also credited AEW president Tony Khan with "changing his life" by giving him an opportunity with the company, and during an appearance on "Off The Top Rope," Remsburg discussed what makes Khan stand out among other wrestling promoters.

"The word would be passion," Remsburg said. "Nobody loves or thinks about wrestling as much and as intensely and as passionately as Tony. He can quote promos from the '80s, he's just a wild man, and he has boundless, limitless energy and time for it. I don't know when he sleeps. He's got all these other important jobs too. He's just an anomaly. Passion would be the word."

Remsburg also does more for AEW than serving as an in-ring official.

"I'm also the travel manager for AEW," Remsburg revealed. "So part of my job is to kind of have my phone in my pocket at all times. If the right person calls, if Tony calls, if Chris Jericho calls, or Sting calls, I answer the phone. So a lot of my job is having to kind of be on guard a lot of the time."

Remsburg did admit that when he has the chance to catch a plane, it's a relief, as he doesn't have to be on call at that moment, allowing him to relax and gather his thoughts before he is back on duty. He also puts his phone on "do not disturb" when it isn't a travel night so he can get some sleep.