AEW Dynamite Results (8/31): United Empire Vs. The Elite, Jon Moxley Talks, All Out Go-Home Show

This is Wrestling Inc.'s results coverage of "Dynamite" for August 31, 2022!

Tonight's show is set to be an important one, as it is the go-home episode for Sunday's AEW All Out PPV, and will be the first of three consecutive events to take place at the NOW Arena in Chicago, IL, and all the focus is set to be toward the weekend.

One of the biggest question marks heading into this show is the fact that there is currently no AEW World Championship match slated for the PPV, with that question likely to be answered tonight. After becoming the Undisputed AEW World Champion last week, Jon Moxley is scheduled to be appearing in order to speak with the crowd, but it is currently unknown if CM Punk is going to be present.

There are several major matches slated for "Dynamite," with Bryan Danielson set to collide against Jake Hager ahead of his upcoming match with Chris Jericho on Sunday night. A major women's tag team match has also been announced as Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida are going to work together to compete against Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Jamie Hayter before they all compete in a fatal four-way at All Out to crown an Interim AEW Women's Champion.

Finally, in what is expected to be the main event of the show, the first semifinal match in the AEW World Trios Championship tournament will be taking place as Will Ospreay and Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) will take on Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks as they look to book their place in Sunday's match.

Let's Hear From Jon Moxley

Tonight's show kicks off with the Undisputed AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, who is met with mixed reactions from the Chicago crowd. He tells them that they're still mopping up CM Punk from the mat in Cleveland. He heard Punk described as the modern 60-minute man, but that's a load of cr*p, and he claims he tests people, and last week we learned what Punk is made of.

Mox says Punk knew he'd keep coming forward all night, and at that moment he looked for a way out and folded, and he is genuinely sorry that Punk didn't turn out what anyone wanted him to be when they welcomed him back and gave him a second chance. Moxley says Punk has a fragile ego, a fragile body, a weak mind, and a weak spirit, and he says that they now move on. 

Moxley has an open contract for a title match at All Out, he's signed it, and he will leave it in the ring. He teases it's someone from AEW, maybe it's someone from somewhere else, as he claims to run New Japan as well. But he says before you step into the ring with Moxley, he can out marathon them, out sprint them, outfight them, and out-wrestle them, and he gives fewer you know what's. The champion puts the contract inside the ring, and then heads out, and Ace Steel then heads into the ring and picks up the contract, taking it to the back.

Backstage Chris Jericho claims All Out is a nightmare match for one, and he says Owen and Stu Hart might appreciate Bryan Danielson's skills a little more, but they'd be impressed by him and how he changed the game and the accolades he picked up. Daniel Garcia then apologizes and he pledges his loyalty to the Jericho Appreciation Society. He says Jericho just needs to be himself to get the job done, and Jericho says it will be the Lionheart on Sunday, but until then he warns Bryan to watch his back.

Bryan Danielson vs. Jake Hager

Jake Hager throws some hands to Bryan Danielson in the corner and then throws him across the ring, but the American Dragon then sidesteps him out of the ring, and his a tope suicida to follow. But when Bryan tries to dive off the ring rope he gets caught at Hager then runs and sends Danielson crashing through the table with a spine buster, and he follows that by crashing Bryan into the ring post. 

Back inside the ring, Hager continues his control by crashing Bryan onto the mat as he slows the pace down. He then drives down Bryan's head into the second rope with his knee, following it up with several kicks in the corner as Hager then blows a kiss to the crowd. Hager quickly picks up the level of aggression by launching him into the guard rail several times. 

In the ring, Hager connects with some chops on Bryan on the top turnbuckle, but he then stops concentrating, which allows Bryan to hit a dropkick as he then unloads with several of his stiff kicks. He then starts working a traingle, but Hager uses his strength to powerbomb Danielson which breaks up the submission and he follows it with several hammer fists, but Danielson catches him to try to lock in his finisher, yet Hager has none of it and sets up the Ankle Lock!

Yet again there is another reversal as Danielson manages to set up the LeBell Lock, but the JAS member gets hold of the ropes just in time. Danielson then aims for his running dropkicks but Hager slams him down to counter, yet Bryan then avoids a clothesline and comes in with the Running Knee to secure the victory. 

Winner: Bryan Danielson

After the match 2.0 hit the ring and start attacking Danielson, but Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta level up the playing field, and a giant brawl breaks out! Jericho then slides into the ring with a chair in hand, but as he tries to use it Daniel Garcia pulls it from him. While they argue it allows Danielson to come flying in with the Psycho Knee to leave his All Out opponent laying.

W. Morrissey Arrives In AEW

The Wingmen are in the ring following the break, complaining about not being booked, but then W. Morrissey makes his way to the ring and he instantly takes out all four members of The Wingmen in a dominant fashion. Stokely Hathaway also makes his way down to the ring while the former WWE Superstar is cleaning house, and he hands his business card to him to which he nods his head.

On their way up the ramp, Tony Schiavone asks what the cards are all about, but Hathaway tells him it's none of his business, and he grabs Schiavone, pushing him as they head to the back. 

Backstage Will Ospreay says after all the undermining tonight is the night, but then Don Callis arrives and praises Ospreay's recent work. He doesn't think he's the next Kenny Omega, he's the first Ospreay, and tonight will be the most exciting match since the last tag bout they shared where Omega hit him with a One Winged Angel. 

Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs. Toni Storm & Hikaru Shida

Jamie Hayter starts out aggressively, taking down Hikaru Shida several times until she responds by spiking her on the mat as Toni Storm tags in and stomps on her in the corner, and she then drops down from the top rope on her back. A jawbreaker from Hayter allows the tag, but Storm takes her straight down and nails an elbow strike, but Hayter trips her up, and that allows the heels to beat down on her. 

The heels continue taking cheap shots, distracting Storm, but she fires back with a tornado DDT and then brings in Shida who showcases her aggression with a Meteora from the ropes, but Hayter then uses her power with a double suplex and Baker then comes into action, hitting a superkick to Shida after a roll-up attempt. She misses with a stomp, but then connects with the rolling elbow. 

She then puts the glove on, but while that happens Shida launches herself in with a big boot, and she then sweeps Hayter away while Storm hits the Hip Attack inside the ring. Shida then nails a huge knee to the face inside the ring, securing momentum for Sunday.

Winners: Hikaru Shida & Toni Storm

A video package is then shown about Kip Sabian recapping his ruse against PAC with the box, and he claims PAC will be the first to embrace the change this Sunday.

CM Punk Addresses What's Next?

A video package is shown with Miro, Darby Allin, and Sting discussing the House Of Black. Allin claims that Buddy Matthews and Brody King don't need Malakai Black, as they tease for Sunday's match.

CM Punk then makes his way to the ring,and he says breaking his foot would've been bad enough, but then he wrestled a full match. Accidents happen, then he got surgery, and he takes a shot at a fan claiming he has more screws in his foot than how many times "that fat guy" has been screwed. He admits he shouldn't have said that, but he's done a lot in his career that he shouldn't have done. 

Punk said something about last week didn't sit well with him, and he says he did get cleared last week, but it is a new 100% and he doesn't know if that's good enough. Punk says he knows the business doesn't always love you back, but the fans do love him back, and that's why it hurts thinking he let people down, and he questions if the love isn't enough anymore. Ace Steel then makes his way down, and he says this isn't what they talked about what Punk was going to say when they talked in the back. 

Steel explains he coached Punk, and he says Punk has always fought from underneath, and they're not just friends they're family. Steel isn't letting Punk leave now, and he then slaps Punk and tells him to "f*cking get up," and he will sign the contract and fight Jon Moxley this Sunday. Steel gives him a pen and paper and tells Chicago to remind him who he is, he then hugs Steel and says before he was CM Punk he was a punk rock kid in Chicago, and they've been trying to kill him from the day he was born and they've not found someone man enough to do it yet, and Moxley isn't him. 

Punk then charges up into the fans and says they have they're different kids but they have the same heartbeat, and he tells Moxley that at All Out, he can't break his bones or drink his blood, because they are Chicago, and Punk puts pen to paper and signs the contract making the match official.

FTR & Wardlow vs. Silas Young, Ren Jones, & Vic Capri

JR is shown in a pre-taped interview with Jungle Boy and Christian Cage, with the veteran saying he's professional and he agreed to no physicality because on Sunday Jack will learn he's not in his league. Jungle Boy says he has cared about Cage a lot, and their relationship has felt familiar and he loved Christian, but he knows this is the real him all along. 

Cage says he's here to make money and he's here for himself, while Jungle Boy says his father taught him how to be a man, and this Sunday, Cage will fight Jack Perry. 

FTR & Wardlow vs. SilasYoung, Ren Jones, & Vic Capri

Wardlow shows his aggression immediately, laying in a lariat to Ren Jones, and Cash Wheeler then hits a back elbow and snap suplex as Dax Harwood then enters and throws several chops until he is dropped with a right hand. Vic Capri then comes in, but he doesn't last long as he gets taken out by a Big Rig as Wardlow tags in and nails a Powerbomb to win it for his team. 

Winners: FTR & Wadlow

Jon Moxley then heads back to the ring, and says if that's what their boy wants then it's what he will get. If Punk wants to go out on his shield in front of his fans, then we owe Chicago that much, and Moxley confirms the title match is happening this Sunday at All Out for the AEW World Championship. Mox says if Punk thinks he has another miracle, he needs to find it fast because he's trying to take his head off.

Moxley is going to showcase a display of violence that Punk has never experienced, and he will show what a real champion and a legend being made right before his eyes looks like.

Tony Schiavone is then shown backstage as The Dark Order reveal that 10 is out of action with an injury, but Evil Uno will be taking his spot. Andrade El Idolo then appears and then asks Uno what happened as he used to have power. He is thinking about giving 10 a contract as he has a good body, but Uno then says they're Dark Order forever, and that leads to Andrade attacking him with a crutch. 

Dante Martin vs. Rey Fenix vs. Rush vs. Wheeler Yuta

The match starts out at a blistering pace, with Rush slamming Wheeler Yuta to the mat, but Dante Martin then hits him with a crossbody, only for Rey Fenix to try to come in and go back and forth with his fellow highflyer, eventually hitting a tope to wipe out Rush. Yuta follows up by diving out of the ring himself, and Martin then looks to outdo them all with his own move. 

Back inside the ring, Martin tries to springboard toward Rush, but he headbutts him in mid-air, and then he dives over the top to wipe out the other three on the floor. With the official distracted, Rush uses a cable against Fenix, and he then focuses on Yuta, with the two men throwing forearms inside the ring. The other competitors get back into the ring as Martin connects with an elbow to Rush, but he then gets suplexed from the second turnbuckle as he crashes into Fenix on the way to the floor. 

Rush then hits a straightjacket piledriver to Yuta, but that's not enough to get the job done here, and Fenix then sends him outside of the ring, only to be planted to the mat by Martin, which leads to another near fall. Rush looks to throw Fenix out of the ring, but he swings back and connects with a kick, only for Martin to plant him to the middle of the ring, he aims to go airborne with the Nose Dive but Yuta pushes him off the top rope.

Fenix then dives out of the ring to crash into Rush, while Yuta misses with a splash in the ring, only for him to hit an arm drag to Martin across the ring, then catching him with a seatbelt pinfall. 

Winner: Wheeler Yuta

John Silver and Alex Reynolds are then shown backstage, and they're happy to take on three guys in the tournament if they need to, but "Hangman" Adam Page then appears, and he says if they need a partner, he's happy to do it.

Will Ospreay & Aussie Open vs. Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks (AEW Trios Tournament Semifinal)

Will Ospreay immediately collides with Kenny Omega, and the two men go face to face as The Cleaner drops him with a shoulder tackle, and things break down early with forearm strikes and chops. Ospreay charges him into the corner and continues attacking Omega until The Young Bucks pull him off and then send Aussie Open to the floor, but Ospreay continues his attack, clotheslining Omega out of the ring. 

He is taken down by the tag team, but as the Bucks dive outside they get caught and Aussie Open then sandwiches Omega as Ospreay comes to the outside with a side twister to wipe everyone out. They then fight up the ramp as The Elite comes out on top, eventually leading to Omega being back in the ring and taking control. Nick Jackson then dives in and lands on Ospreay, stomping out his face as he spits his gum at Kyle Fletcher for good measure. 

Matt Jackson then gets involved, but Ospreay handsprings off the ropes to take them both out as Mark Davis comes in and starts dominating The Bucks, dropping them with a double clothesline as he follows with a double power slam. Fletcher then hits the cutter, diving off the top rope to catch Matt in mid-air, but Omega breaks up the pinfall. He manages to tag in, but Davis boots him in the mid-section only for Omega to respond with a dropkick to the knee before planting him down to the mat face-first.

Omega thinks he has thrown Ospreay out of the ring but he doesn't, and the Englishman comes back in with a superkick. He somehow lands on his feet after one of Omega's move, but Ospreay then takes him out of the ring. He tries to follow it by diving out of the ring, but Omega steps away and then nails a Dragon Suplex to his rival. Back in the ring, Aussie Open cut off Omega on the top rope, hitting a double superplex. 

Ospreay comes in and rips away Omega's compression shirt and then hits a forearm to the taped ribs. Davis tags in, and he continues focusing on the injured area, and Ospreay comes back and continues with the abdominal stretch, but a headbutt allows Omega to tag in Nick, who drops Ospreay and then Aussie Open. He plants the team with a double facebuster and then a tornado DDT which counters Ospreay's attempted counter outside the ring. He then tries for a 450, but Ospreay gets the knees up and does Omega's Dragon suplex. 

Omega comes in hot about it and they start exchanging blows, and Ospreay rolls through a V-Trigger attempt into a Vader Bomb, and United Empire tries hit their finish only for Nick to reverse. The Young Bucks then work together to attack Fletcher, and it leads to a trio of superkicks from The Elite, but Davis breaks it up only for Nick to wipe him out on the outside with an escalator.

Ospreay then counts Nick's attempted finish, and he then flips from the top turnbuckle, driving down Matt who is being held by Davis, but somehow he kicks out! Omega then comes in with a knee strike to Ospreay, and a superkick party begins. The Elite then hit the Indytaker to Ospreay, but he's not the legal man, and Omega then nails the V-Trigger and the One Winged Angel to Fletcher which ends this one. 

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks