Update On Shinjiro Otani And His Condition While Dealing With Paralysis

Shinjiro Otani's long road to recovery continues.

Tokyo Sports provided an update on the condition of the former IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. Otani suffered a cervical spinal injury at a ZERO1 event during the main event match against ZERO1 World Heavyweight Champion Takahashi Sugiura at the April 10 show in Ryogoku Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan. A German suplex from Sugiura left Otani conscious but paralyzed below the neck.

According to Tokyo Sports, Otani is still paralyzed below the neck but was physically well enough in August to begin rehabilitation. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Otani has been unable to see anyone other than relatives due to hospital restrictions. He's unable to use a phone and has been communicating via his nurse.

Otani also was able to share some words with his fans through the publication. Otani says he's been unable to keep up with wrestling during his recovery and rehabilitation, but the thought of one day returning to the fold in any capacity is his main motivation through the difficult process.

"I'm doing my best to believe that if I can overcome this," Otani said, "I can return to the world of professional wrestling, which I love. After all, wrestling is what gives me strength. Wrestling is the best!"

Otani is not only a former ZERO1 World Heavyweight Champion. He also founded the promotion alongside fellow Japanese wrestling legend Shinya Hashimoto in 2001.

The entire Wrestling Inc. staff sends Otani well wishes as he continues his road to recovery.