WWE Main Event Recap: Cedric Alexander Challenges T-Bar


The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. R-Truth makes his entrance as Byron Saxton and Kevin Patrick check in on commentary. Truth dedicates the match to his childhood hero, John Cena. Shelton Benjamin makes his entrance.


R-Truth vs. Shelton Benjamin 

Truth and Alexander shake hands before locking up. Benjamin takes Truth to the mat with a waist-lock. Truth eventually hits a single-leg dropkick on Benjamin. R-Truth hits a Modified Powerbomb. Truth goes hits a Five-Knuckle Shuffle on Benjamin. Truth goes for an Attitude Adjustment, Benjamin gets out of it. Benjamin sends Alexander to the ropes. Truth kicks Benjamin in the stomach and goes for a Scissor Kick, Benjamin gets out of the way. Benjamin hits his PayDirt finisher on Truth. Benjamin pins Truth for the three count.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin 

T-Bar and Cedric Alexander make their entrances.

T-Bar vs. Cedric Alexander 

T-Bar goes for a big boot as the bell rings. Alexander manages to dodge it. Alexander kicks and strikes the midsection of T-Bar. T-Bar throws Alexander to the mat. Alexander dropkicks T-Bar. Alexander eventually hits a sit-out Powerbomb on T-Bar. Alexander pins T-Bar for a two count. Alexander ascends the turnbuckles. T-Bar pulls the leg of Alexander. Alexander crashes as he comes down off the top rope. T-Bar goes up top. T-Bar hits a Moonsault on Alexander. T-Bar pins Alexander for a two count. T-Bar goes for a Suplex, Alexander reverses it into a Brainbuster on T-Bar. Alexander pins T-Bar for the win.


Winner: Cedric Alexander