Wardlow Addresses Whether He Plans To Go Into Acting

Will Wardlow be the next wrestling star to transition from the ring to Hollywood studios? While there are no movie deals lined up just yet, the AEW TNT champion is ready for his close-up.

"I grew up as a performer, I was always entertaining," Wardlow said in a recent interview on the podcast "Athletes and the Arts." "There's a good chance I may get into acting one day."

Wardlow predicted that Hollywood would enable him to "put on a show" while continuing his life's focus on strength training.

"I've always loved working out and lifting weights, and I get to go out there and show off my body and show off my hard work," he said. "And of course, when there's thousands of people chanting your name in an arena, that is highly motivational — it's a high that no drug could ever give you."

While he appreciates the mass adulation, Wardlow also pointed out the satisfaction he gets when individual fans tell him about the impact he's had on their lives.

"I know a guy that literally lost hundreds of pounds," he said. "And it was because he went to an indie show and saw me. He literally looks like a completely different person and is healthy now, and I was the one that literally inspired him to do that. So that to me is just incredible."

Unlike box office stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hardy, or Mark Wahlberg, who engage in extensive exercise regimens ahead of a major role (Modern Health Monk), Wardlow's wrestling career ensures he's always looking buff.

"We don't have an offseason," he said. "I am close to being able to go on stage and compete in a bodybuilding contest. That's something people prep for — I'm this year-round, so the work that goes into that is a full-time job."