Triple H Confirms Conversations With Former WWE Star

Triple H wants to control Braun Strowman's narrative again someday. The head of creative and talent relations for WWE spoke with BT Sport's Ariel Helwani, and when asked about the possibility of bringing back Braun Strowman, Triple H simply said, "we'll see."  Triple H confirms that he's had conversations with Strowman since Strowman's release from the company last year. "He's funny because he's a like polarizing guy in the business sometimes, but for a guy his size, and what he brings to the table, he's an amazing athlete," Triple H gushed. "You don't see too many guys that big, that fast, that have big personalities." 

Triple H recalled the first time he met the former WWE Universal Champion. "He came to the PC for a visit. He'd never done this before. He's a strongman, he weighed like 434 pounds or something like that. I just remember being like 'Jesus, this guy is huge,' but I didn't really care." Triple H says that he then spoke with Strowman for "about 15 minutes" and saw that the big man was built for professional wrestling. "He's got this big booming voice and this big personality, and he's laughing," Triple H continued, "and I was like 'this guy is larger than life,' and the guy that was running development with me came to me and was like 'I don't know. A lot of mileage, a lot of issues there.' I was like 'Dude, he's custom made for what we do. His size, his personality, let's give him a shot.'"

Triple H says he still feels that way about the Control Your Narrative star, saying that if Strowman wants to keep wrestling, a guy like him should be doing it at the highest level. "I would like nothing more than to give him another shot."