Booker T Thinks Tony Khan's Recent Hope For Supershow Was 'Wishful Thinking'

During a media call on Thursday, Tony Khan put a damper on the possibility of working with WWE on an event similar to the recent AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door, citing "how they've treated me." While Khan did not elaborate on the depth and scope of mistreatment he allegedly received from WWE, two-time WWE Hall of Famer and six-time World Champion Booker T questioned whether this was a reference to alleged efforts by WWE to lure AEW talent away from Khan. In an appearance on the "Hall of Fame" podcast, Booker alluded to a Fightful Select report that at least three wrestlers with AEW contracts received unsolicited inquiries from WWE to join their roster.

"As far as the contract tampering thing, I don't know how deep that is," Booker said. "But I can see little bird going out and say, 'Hey, man, you guys ain't happy or whatever, there's always going to be room over here for you.'"

Booker recalled that he found himself receiving similar inquiries during his career.

"Every time my contract was coming up in WCW, there was always a little bird to fly over and say, 'Hey, man, if you're wanting to come over, there's going to be a spot there for you.'"

Nonetheless, Booker believed the issue involved more than alleged contract tampering, and wondered if Khan was being too optimistic about the two companies being able to achieve a collaboration.

"I just do not think a company like AEW and what they stand for and what they do is going to mesh with WWE and what they're trying to do," he said. "Those are two totally two different shows, totally two different planets. And I just don't think those planets going to merge together. I just don't see it."