Jimmy Hart Discusses What It Was Like To Work For Vince McMahon

Jimmy Hart is "Jimmy Hart" because of Vince McMahon, according to the WWE Hall of Famer.

"He put food on our table for a long, long, long time," Jimmy told the "MackMania" podcast. "He gave me a break for the big time – up in New York City – I'll always be grateful for that." According to Hart, all of his interactions with the former Chairman & CEO of WWE were "always positive." 

"He was always uptempo," Hart continued. "His suits were pressed. His tie was in place. His hair was styled out. He was always a picture of success. It made you feel like you wanted to do better." To me -I don't know about everyone else- to me, he was great. He always encouraged me. He always gave me a chance." 

Hart says that while he managed some talent before his time under McMahon, McMahon was responsible for some of his most famous pairings. "He gave me King Kong Bundy, Adrian Adonis, Dino Bravo, The Hart Foundation, The Honky Tonk Man, The Wrestling Referee Danny Davis, Terry Funk, Dory Funk, The Nasty Boys – which I'm still debating on that one – no, I love the Nasty Boys. The Rougeau Brothers. He let me do my music!" 

While Hart is famously the scribe behind many legendary WWE themes, he tells the story of how a request from McMahon, as well as an open ear for collaboration, led to one of the most iconic tunes Hart has written. "[Vince] calls me up and says 'Jimmy give me a track for Dusty Rhodes,' and I'd say ok, and I'd take it to Dusty, and Dusty would say 'put a cowbell on it!' 'I want some singers on it!' 'I want some horns on it!' I said 'Dusty, why don't you just write it yourself!'"

"He opened the door for me to be Jimmy Hart," Hart concluded. "Whatever Jimmy Hart's turned out to be, he opened the door for me on that, and I'm so grateful."