GCW The Art Of War 2022 Results (9/3): Five-Way Art Of War Games Match For The GCW Tag Team Championship

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Game Changer Wrestling presents The Art of War from the Grand Sports Arena in Hoffman Estates, IL. An Art of War Games Match for the GCW Tag Team Championship will headline the show. At last year's event, Jon Moxley defeated Matt Cardona to become the GCW World Champion for the first time in his career. Elsewhere, Team MDK (AJ Gray, Alex Colon, Effy, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, and Nick Gage) won that night's Art of War Games Match against Rickey Shane Page, Atticus Cogar, Bobby Beverly, Eddy Only, Eric Ryan, and Gregory Iron. 

Announced Card

* The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) (c) vs. BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) vs. Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) vs. Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) in a Five-Way Art of War Games Match for the GCW Tag Team Championship


* "The Bad Boy" Joey Janela vs. Mike Bailey vs. Tony Deppen vs. Gringo Loco vs. Cole Radrick vs. Dante Leon vs. Drago Kid vs. Shane Mercer in a Two-Ring Ladder Scramble Match

* Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis)

* Alex Shelley vs. Blake Christian 

* Charli Evans vs. Sawyer Wreck

Two-Ring Ladder Scramble Match

"The Bad Boy" Joey Janela vs. Mike Bailey vs. Gringo Loco vs. Tony Deppen vs. Shane Mercer vs. Cole Radrick vs. Dante Leon vs. Drago Kid in a Two-Ring Ladder Scramble Match for a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon and the DDT Extreme Championship 


Janela opened a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon before the match began. Kid and Loco went at it in one ring. Kid was thrown into the second ring, where he met Mercer. Kid sent Loco and Mercer to the outside. All the competitors battled around the two rings. A large ladder was taken into the ring by Kid and Bailey. Bailey then went after Kid. Deppen threw a little ladder at a bunch of competitors on the outside and then followed it up with a dive through the ropes. Radrick entered the ring and used the large ladder. Radrick then attempted a dive over the ropes using the ladder, but it didn't go to plan. Loco and Leon went at it in one of the rings. Leon wiped a handful of competitors on the outside after jumping from the top turnbuckle. 


Mercer placed Kid on a ladder and lifted it up, dumping him into the canvas. Janela delivered a Death Valley Driver through a door at ringside. Janela went to work on Mercer in one of the rings. Janela set up the large ladder and climbed. All eight competitors attempted to climb up three different sized ladders. Kid took a risk from the ladder to springboard off the ropes, but completely missed. Janela and Radrick went back and forth while utilizing a steel chair. Leon and Bailey delivered simultaneous Shooting Star Presses through two wooden doors. Loco sent Leon through a door with a sit-out powerbomb from the top turnbuckle. Mercer sent Loco into a ladder. Mercer delivered a moonsault through two wooden doors on the outside while he was holding Radrick. Janela leaped from the top of the large ladder and hit a big elbow to Deppen through two doors to win. 

Winner and STILL DDT Extreme Champion: Joey Janela via pinfall

Alex Shelley vs. Blake Christian and Tag Team Action

Alex Shelley vs. Blake Christian

Both wrestlers attempted to ground one another using their technical ability. Christian initially got the advantage, sending Shelley down with a kick. Christian continued to work on Shelley and connected with a split-legged moonsault in the corner. On the outside, Shelley sent Christian head-first into the ring post, following it up with a chop to the chest. Back in the ring, Shelley took control and began to wear down Christian. Christian eventually fired back and connected with a springboard uppercut as he attempted to put Shelley away. Shelley responded by applying a Border City Stretch. After escaping, Christian nailed Shelley with a kick and landed a German Suplex. Christian and Shelley went back and forth with forearm strikes. Christian got the upper hand once again, but eventually ran into a Shellshock. Christian managed to unexpectedly roll-up Shelley for the win. 


Winner: Blake Christian via pinfall

Jordan Oliver and Nick Wayne vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis)

Davis and Oliver began the match as the legal men. Oliver initially got the better of Davis, but Davis responded by taking Oliver down with a shoulder charge. Fletcher and Wayne were tagged into the match. The match broke down as all four competitors fought in the ring. Oliver and Wayne worked together on Fletcher. Oliver and Wayne took a dive through the ropes to take out Aussie Open. Fletcher and Davis replied by smashing Oliver and Wayne into each other at ringside. Back in the ring, Aussie Open went to work on Oliver in their corner of the ring. Oliver eventually managed to tag in Wayne. 


Wayne hit a Code Red on Fletcher, but was unable to put him away. Fletcher planted Wayne in the center of the ring, but Wayne got his shoulder up during the pin attempt. Aussie Open continued to wear Wayne down. Fletcher delivered a brainbuster to Wayne on the top rope. Oliver and Davis became the legal men in the match. Oliver landed a Clout Cutter, but Davis got his shoulder up at two. Wayne tagged in to become the legal man. Aussie Open caught him and planted him into the mat for the win. 

Winner: Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher and Mark Davis) via pinfall

Matt Cardona In Action and Charli Evans vs. Sawyer Wreck

- Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green made their way to the ring. Green told the fans to hail the "Deathmatch King." Cardona said that he had some good news and bad news. Cardona said that he is 100% healed from his injury. Cardona noted that his and Green's wedding was ruined. It was hard to hear Cardona as the fans repeatedly chanted at him and the mic volume was low. Cardona called out Jimmy Lloyd. Lloyd made his way out to the ring. Cardona questioned what Lloyd was wearing. Cardona said he would put his Internet Championship on the line. Cardona noted that if Lloyd defeated him, then he would leave GCW forever. 


Matt Cardona vs. Jimmy Lloyd

Lloyd immediately took it to Cardona. Lloyd eventually ran into the knees of Cardona. Cardona then connected with a big boot to Lloyd in the corner of the ring. Cardona took off his shirt and choked Lloyd with it. Cardona repeatedly punched Lloyd in the corner. Lloyd replied with a powerbomb and locked in a Boston Crab. Green got on the apron and lifted her shirt to distract Lloyd. Cardona hit a low blow and won. 

Winner: Matt Cardona via pinfall

Charli Evans vs. Sawyer Wreck

Evans attempted to take it to Wreck, but Wreck did not budge. Evans eventually knocked Wreck down. Wreck responded by smashing a light tube over Evans' head. Wreck began to wear down Evans. Wreck connected with a big boot off the ropes. Wreck grabbed the broken tube and carved away at the forehead of Evans on the outside of the ring. Evans turned the tables for a moment and used the broken tube on Wreck's forehead. Wreck and Evans continued to go back and forth around the ringside area. Wreck set up two chairs in the ring with a light tube placed on top. Evans sent Wreck through the light tube on top of the chairs. Wreck replied, but both competitors fell to the mat following a superkick from Evans. Wreck and Evans traded blows with tubes in the middle of the ring. Wreck used a metal plate on the head of Evans. Both competitors now had blood pouring down their faces. Wreck drove Evans through some glass, which fired the latter up. Wreck smashed more tubes over the head of Evans and delivered a chokeslam to win. 


Winner: Sawyer Wreck via pinfall

- The show went to an intermission.

Nick Gage Speaks, Art of War Games Main Event

- Nick Gage came down to the ring. Gage asked where his gang was at. Gage announced the Nick Gage Invitational will return to Chicago. 

The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) (c) vs. BUSSY (Allie Katch and Effy) vs. Alex Colon and John Wayne Murdoch vs. The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner and Matthew Justice) vs. Los Mazisos (Ciclope and Miedo Extremo) in a Five-Way Art of War Games Match for the GCW Tag Team Championship


The Briscoes and Second Gear Crew are the first four competitors in the match. Warner and Justice nailed both Mark and Jay with steel chair shots to start the match. The Briscoes replied and focused on taking out Justice. Warner was busted open in the second ring. Justice was sent into the same ring while being put through a door. BUSSY (Effy and Allie Katch) were the next team to enter the match. Effy immediately took out Mark and Jay. Allie took out Justice and Warner with a crossbody. Katch and Effy took control of the bout. 

As Mark and Jay began to gain the upper hand once more, Los Mazisos entered. Ciclope hammered a chair over the head of Effy. Los Mazisos used a chair on Warner before working together to take out Justice. The Briscoes again gained an advantage and laid waste to everybody in the match. Tubes were introduced as weapons were thrown between the competitors in the bout. John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon entered next. They brought a collection of light tubes with them. Elimination by submission or pinfall became eligible now that every team had entered. 


Justice climbed to the top of a scaffold next to the ring and incredibly dived onto a bunch of competitors below. Blows with weapons were exchanged between every team. Justice headed to the top of the scaffolding again with Murdoch. Murdoch threw Justice down through a door waiting below in one of the two rings. Second Gear Crew were the first team eliminated via a double submission. Katch ascended the cage and ended up on the scaffold with Murdoch and Colon. All three fell, crashing through a barbed wire door outside the cage structure. 

BUSSY were eliminated when Jay and Mark combined with a Jay Driller and splash from the top. The Briscoes connected with a Doomsday on Ciclope. Extremo made the save for his team. Los Mazisos looked to put Mark and Jay away. They managed to do so by simultaneously eliminating the champions. Los Mazisos and Murdoch and Colon exchanged tube strikes to the head. Ciclope headed to the top of the scaffold and delivered a splash with tubes onto Colon. Panes of glass were placed over two wooden doors on top of chairs. Extremo headed to the top of the scaffold. Murdoch went up with him. Murdoch sent Extremo down through a door, while Ciclope was sent through the other door from the top turnbuckle. Colon covered Ciclope to win. 


Winners and NEW GCW Tag Team Champions: John Wayne Murdoch and Alex Colon via pinfall

- That's all for GCW The Art of War 2022!