Tony Khan Describes Jon Moxley's Demeanor Now That He Is Sober

It's been nearly eight months since Jon Moxley returned to the ring after entering an alcohol treatment program. He has been praised for seeking help and returning in tremendous shape, and the Undisputed AEW World Champion is arguably having one of the best runs in wrestling today.

AEW President Tony Khan shared with Yahoo! Sports what he has noticed about Moxley since he became sober.

"His mind is clearer, his body is healthier, he's leaner, he's more fun, he's having a better time," Khan said. "Jon's always been a great professional and great to work with, but honestly he's been better than ever since he got himself totally clean and sober. A total breath of fresh air since his return. It's fitting that he had this great run throughout the summer and is the AEW Champion. He's been one of the driving forces that has helped us beat this injury bug."

On November 2, 2021, Khan announced Moxley's decision to enter an inpatient alcohol treatment program. The AEW boss showed his support for Moxley, who many believed was on the verge of a heel turn at the time. Instead, he made his return and is one of the top babyfaces in wrestling.

Moxley entered the August 24 episode of "AEW Dynamite" as the interim world champion and defeated CM Punk to become the undisputed titleholder. Moxley will put his gold on the line against Punk in a rematch at the All Out pay-per-view on September 4.